Green-roofed bus shelters in HaarlemArianna Ardia-Wenink
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Green-roofed bus shelters in Haarlem

Two bus shelters at the Verwulft in Haarlem have gone 'green'. Since 7 September, the bus shelters have been installed with eco-roofs and are topped with plants. Residents of the surrounding houses can now look out onto a mini garden. The plants…
Schools start again in North HollandVeilig Verkeer Nederland
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Schools start again in North Holland

The primary schools will start again on Monday 17 August. This means that many children go to school by bicycle and on foot. Coinciding with the opening of primary schools after the summer break, the Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) (National…
5 reasons to choose for an Omafiets (Granny bike)
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5 reasons to choose for an Omafiets (Granny bike)

When we tell our friends abroad that we have just purchased a new Granny Bike they wonder: ‘What on earth has gotten into them?’ Unrepentant we reply: ‘Because it is the best way of getting around’ Here are the 5 reasons why…