weather pentecost
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Summer weather during and over Pentecost weekend

The summer weather, with plenty of sunshine and some cloud, is set to continue during and over the Pentecost weekend, with even higher temperatures next week, according to KNMI (the Dutch national weather service). On Friday it's sunny…
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Storm Ciara to hit Netherlands on Sunday

The first storm of the year will hit the Netherlands on Sunday, according to Weeronline. Winter storm Ciara will bring strong winds with gusts up to 140 kilometers per hour, rain and lightning with it, the weather service expects. Sunday…
Cold Netherlands
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Thursday real feel temperature: -17C degrees

Freezing winds from Siberia are blowing into the Netherlands this weekend bringing heavy frost with sunny sky. By next week Wednesday and Thursday, the temperature could dip to as low as -6C degrees to -9C degrees overnight. The temperature…
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Summer isn't over yet!

Don’t put away your Summer clothes yet: summer continues into September. After a little rain mixed in with the sunny spells today, Summer will be back next week.  From Tuesday it will be dry and sunny weather again. Tuesday the…
Linnaeushof, Europe's biggest playground, is open
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Linnaeushof, Europe's biggest playground is open again

Speelparadijs Linnaeushof: the biggest playground of Europe! So close! Linnaeushof is located in Bennebroek, a 15 minute drive from Haarlem and Leiden, just some more from Amsterdam and The Hague.  During the whole season (April till…
Code red weather warning - heavy damage in Haarlem and surroundings (Photo: Haarlems Dagblad)

Code red weather warning - heavy damage in Haarlem and surroundings

A code red weather warning has been issued for the Dutch coastal provinces on Saturday. The code red alarm applies to Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Zeeland. The KNMI weather bureau told about a storm with winds of up to 110 kph. accompanied…
Nature greener and earlier than last year (Photo: Michael Hofmann)

Nature greener and earlier than last year

We could enjoy blooming flowers earlier this year. Spring came this year a month ahead last year. Nature is also a lot greener. According to Natuurberichten (which means Nature messages) nearly 30 percent of the deciduous forests and…
First "Rokjesdag" of the year (Photo: Arianna Ardia)


What is Rokjesdag or Skirt Day? It is officially the first day on which Dutch women wear skirts with bare legs underneath.  Every spring the men look forward to Rokjesdag, the day when the temperature is high enough for women to wear…