Funny Dutch Words
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15 Funny Dutch Words

On your journey on learning Dutch (yes it is a journey, a rather large one) you will come across some ‘funny’ phrases and words. Why beat around the bush when you can be direct like a Dutch person? Here are 15 funny Dutch words I have,…
Groene boekje Dutch Language
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Dutch language gets thousands of official new words

Thousands of new words will be included in the new edition of the Groene Boekje - the "Little Green Boek"- with the official list of Dutch words, which will be published on October 13, the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf published. New words such…
My Dutch Difficulty – The Elusive Word

My Dutch Difficulty – The Elusive Word

At least one Dutch word still eludes me. It’s a word I cannot get my lips around, no matter how hard I try. It’s a word I’ll go to extreme lengths to avoid saying. Fourteen years ago, when I first moved to the Netherlands, my list…