Taurus New Moon – Take Practical Steps Towards New Beginnings

New Beginning

Remember what you dreamed about six months ago?
April might’ve been a bit rough, but May’s here to shake things up—in a good way! Think new friendships, maybe a job switch, or even a spontaneous trip.
On May 7th-8th (depending on where you are living in this beautiful planet) we have a new moon in Taurus. Translation? Time to jot down what you want and watch it happen!
So, what’s on your May wishlist? Ready to turn those dreams into real life?
Check out the full episode for a step-by-step guide on making things happen: https://youtu.be/dGEPXpc1EE4?si=ePq3KChhOupXSG_T
Let’s make May the month where anything goes and dreams come true! 🌙✨