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Taxi driver charges tourists €485 for Schiphol to Amsterdam trip

Last night a taxi driver in Amsterdam took a group of Chinese tourists hostage because they refused to pay 485 euros to take them from Schiphol airport to their hotel in the west of the city.

‘He said it was the normal amount,’ one of the tourists told the media. But it is a scary number.’

When the group tried to stop and leave the taxi after refusing to pay that big amount of money, the driver drove off with the doors of the cars locked and them inside.

In the end one of the tourists managed to break a window and the taxi stopped.

Taxi driver fled

The tourists eventually agreed to pay €100 for the 20 minute trip and were given their baggage back. The taxi driver had fled. Police are now trying to catch the driver.

Earlier this year, another taxi driver tried to charge a tourist €195 for driving him from Schiphol to his hotel. That driver was later arrested.


[Source and photo courtesy: RTL Photo: © Inter Visual Studio]

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