Terraces more expensive, Amsterdam on top

People going out for a round of drinks on a terrace will in some cities pay more than a year ago. Amsterdam is the most expensive city in the Netherlands in which to have a drink on a terrace, taking the first place from Haarlem. Haarlem is the third most expensive Dutch terrace city.

In Nijmegen, Groningen and Eindhoven prices of drinks increased the most, by 6 to 7 percent.

The average price for a round of drinks – 2 coffees, 2 soft drinks, 2 beers and 2 glasses of rosé – costs an average of 23.05 euros in Amsterdam. That is an increase of 5.5 percent compared to last year.

The Hague ended up 2nd in the rankings at 22.56 euros per round. Haarlem moved from 1st last year to 3rd this year with a round costing an average of 22.40 euros.

The cheapest cities are Almere, Breda and Arnhem.

This is according to a study done by hospitality consultancy Van Spronsen & Partners, in which they compared the terrace prices in the 21 largest Dutch cities with each other. The average price increase was 2.5 percent.

The consultancy is not surprised that Amsterdam is the most expensive. “The real estate and rents are also significantly higher than elsewhere in the country.”

In the study, which was held this year for the tenth time, also terrace summer trends were pointed out: “This year we see on terraces a huge conumption of Radler, the new fresh summer beer. Last year you could get the beer on 50 percent of the terraces, now almost everywhere.”

Below, the overview of the terrace prices per city.





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