The Brewery Comedy Club featuring Trevor Lock

Good beer, good laughs, great times: come experience a night of beer and laughter at Amsterdam’s best Brewery Comedy! Featuring Trevor Lock, an absolute masterclass in comedy perfomance!

Looking for a unique and hilarious night out in amsterdam? Look no further than our Brewery Comedy Club! This edition featuring Trevor Lock, an absolute masterclass in comedy perfomance!

“The most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.” The Mirror.

“Basically he has invented a new genre of stand up and it’s brilliant.” Lee Kern, Producer of Bora.

“Funny, moving and clever” The Scorsman

Superbly comic writing.” The Sunday Times.

🎙️ Line up with 5 different comedians 🎙

🎤 Experienced 🎤 New 🎤 Local 🎤 International 🎤 Travelling 🎤

🤩Amazing venue🤩

😍 Cozy atmosphere🥰

🍻Award winning craft beers🍻

🤣 laughs, laughs and more laughs 😂🤣

Doors open at 7:00 PM. Show starts at 7:30 PM

Show is 100 % in English.

Online price € 12,50 €15 at the door. Student ticket €7.


Trevor Lock (headliner)

On TV Trevor Lock has starred in all three seasons of BAFTA nominated and British Comedy Award winning Star Stories , both seasons of BBCs TMWRNJ with Lee and Herring and the Steve Coogan produced Brain Candy. As a stand up he’s toured with with Stewart Lee, Russell Brand and Paul Foot and let his spare room to James Acaster and Josh Widdecombe. He’s addressed The Oxford Union on The Meaning of Life. He runs an ongoing mental health and creativity workshop called Reality Games.

The Scotsman have described his work as ‘Funny, moving and clever.’ TimeOut, simply as ‘hilarious’ and culture website Spoonfed thought he could ‘probably win an award for the most laughs in a minute.’ London Is Funny wrote “He has a totally unique wellspring of material. In a different class really.” The Sunday Times wrote of the ‘superbly comic writing’ of his plays on the Edinburgh Fringe. Kate Moss simply said “He walks like Dudley Moore and he talks like Peter Cook.” Most of his recent shows are now free form improvised “events” or happenings such as Community Circle “the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.” The Mirror, Girl v Boy “The way forward for identity politics” The Scotsman, We Are Each Other ****The Guardian and The Most Interesting Person in The Room “the most masterful interaction between professional comedian and audience that you will see.” The Scotsman.

Richard Walker (MC)

I’ve been living in Amsterdam so long I thought I was Dutch but then I looked at my passport and it turns out I’m British. Sorry.

Edith Veerhoek

Mexican bite in comedy, also known as “NotYourOrdinaryLatina”. Dark, sinister and flat-out weird imagination.

Carly Blair

I’m a not-your-typical-American American who’s been trying to shove my square peg-shaped self into Amsterdam’s round hole with admirable, or perhaps foolish, persistence for the last decade or so.

Elise Loopuyt

“A Swiss born and raised, Dutchie. My therapist is on sick leave, so I took the stand up.”


Doors open at 7: 00 PM, to gather and grab a drink Show at 7:30 PM. The bar is open during the whole event. Coming alone? Meeting up for the comedy before the show and discussing the comedy in the break and after the show is a good way to socialize.

Why don’t you come some earlier to taste the mytical award winner Breugem Beer or our dlicious BEET DOGS.

Pre-comedy snack

BEET DOG with a glass of specialty beer of your choice for 11,95

* A Hot Dog from sausage maker Brand & Levie with beet and 30% organic meat. It is served with smoked ketchup, Zaanse mustard, salad and crispy onions.


Tickets: €12.50 online | €15.00 at the door. Student tickets: € 7.00 (show your student card at the door).



The Breugem story started in 2009 by master brewer Patrick Breugem. Brewer from the very beginning. Brewing since 2004. (De Prael / De Molen / Het Veulen / De Zeven Deugden) As a born Rotterdammer, ‘no-nonsense’ is perfect for him. Patrick is everyone’s friend. A born connector. His attitude to life form the pillars of the company. He is therefore literally the face of Breugem Bier.

Breugem brewery’ s goal is to brew beer and thereby give people distanced from the labour market the opportunity to work. Breugem brewery is the meeting point combining people and beer, and people with each other.


Breugem Awards Winning Craf Beer

At Breugem brewing craft beer is taken very seriously, which has resulted in a list of international craft beer prizes and awards. Maybe it is unnecessary to mention, but we are very proud of this list 🙂 . Find here all the awards Breugem Beer won.