The Hague to open bloggers house to promote the city

This coming summer season The Hague  will open a beach house exclusively for Dutch and international travel bloggers and vloggers. It is the first city in the Netherlands to make a building available to writers as a way of promoting the city. What is the City of Haarlem doing?

The beach house will offer the opportunity to experience the city by the sea as a real local and is an initiative of Den Haag Marketing and Haagse Strandhuisjes.

‘The power of this bloggers house is that other people will tell the story for you. How great is it that this can be done from a building on the beach in the only Dutch city by the sea?’, according to Marco Esser, director of Den Haag Marketing.

More attention for the city

The goal of the blogger house is to generate more attention for the city. Bloggers are welcomed in a relaxed atmosphere and create good content for online media.

The blogger house in The Hague will start up at the end of March on Kijkduin beach and will be open during the 2016 beach season. WiFi  and a 4G network will be available, transportation will be provided and the bloggers will receive a typically Hague welcome package.

Journalistic freedom

In the past blogger houses could also be found in Cape Town, Toscana and Malta. Important factors for success include journalistic freedom and the coming together of people from different creative disciplines such as photographers, bloggers and vloggers.


At the moment there are no Haarlem City or other official initiatives to facilitate international content creation in the Haarlem Area.

ExpatsHaarlem has no office or funds but is very open to welcome writers, bloggers, vloggers to share their informations, experiences and opinions. We are waiting for you.


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