De Koepel

The historical prison of 1901 transformed into the Haarlem Campus of today & tomorrow!

I am sure you have all seen this huge round building – the dome in our beautiful city. But do you know its whole history and its present story? The Koepel (Koepelgevangenis) is a former prison in Haarlem. It is one of three Panopticon-style buildings situated in the country. One of the three designed by Willem Metzelaar, the building was completed in 1901. A Rijksmonument, the prison closed in 2016. After the prison’s closure, the building, along with the one at Arnhem, was used to house asylum seekers to the Netherlands. The terrain of the former Cupola prison is transformed into an international higher education student campus: a modern and cutting-edge learning environment with classrooms, lab facilities, work – and meeting areas, a start-up incubator, a film theater, and the Deli Café- in an iconic historical monument.

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The Koepel


The proximity to the city center and the green lung around the cupola, equipped with sunny terraces, 240 student studios, a supermarket, and a “green mobility” hub, including our favourite molen de Adriaan, complements the ecosystem of the building and invites students to linger and explore. You will feel energized by stepping into a historical building transformed into a think tank full of innovators, researchers, and forward thinkers who get together to create future-forming ideas.


de koepel

Now: The Campus

de koepel

Then: The cells

Haarlem Campus has been established by two experienced higher education advocates. A leading network of private universities in Germany, the SRH Group (one of the world’s most famous and renowned institutions for its excellent structure of knowledge system and friendly environment) and a University of Applied Sciences called Global School for Entrepreneurship –fostering an agile, motivating and innovative culture of learning. Decades of experience in education, research and knowledge transfer within an entrepreneurial setting have led to optimized academic programs, designed to offer the best possible preparation for the desired field of work. More than 28 different nationalities of students are blending with each other and are getting their education in English.

10 Universities worldwide / 16,300 Students / 1,050 Professors and coaches

De KoepelIf you want to explore this beautiful historical building and this mind-blowing Campus of Applied Sciences and learn all about its study programs with some free coffee & snacks and a FREE study choice workshop, join the OPEN DAY on Saturday, 1st April, at 12:30 – 14:00 at De Koepel, Koepelplein 1C, 2031 WL Haarlem. You can save your spot here.

Proven educational process

De KoepelHaarlem Campus uses a proven educational approach that seeks to develop specialist, methodological, social and personal competencies – guided by experienced lectures and learning coaches – will ensure our students meet and exceed future “employability” requirements.

The CORE© principle, is a model, centered upon active and independent learning. Learning by doing with the professors’ and the professionals’ support. With a hybrid learning, practice-oriented case studies, real-life assessments and a flat hierarchy round off the system, ensuring that the students are able to develop freely.

The programs

Bachelor: Business Psychology

de koepelTraining the students in overall business competencies and in selected specific areas psychology relevant to operate in a business environment. Gain a strong knowledge and understanding of human resource management, marketing, change management processes and the ability to complement digitization with people-centered and individualized approaches.

Great leaders do not rely on technique – they are successful because they are able to understand people, their needs, values and emotions. A degree in Business Psychology will equip you for successfully navigating the challenges of our global world.
– Christine Fitzgerald, program director Business Psychology

Bachelor: Creative Media

de koepelThroughout the study students become familiar with the production, marketing and distribution of media and communication content and applications. They gain a specialist skill set that includes understanding the external and internal context and purpose of a myriad of media fields, as well as proficiency in cutting-edge digital tools.

The approach to media as we know it, is rapidly changing. The current paradigm shift in media calls Tomorrow’s Creative Media Expert to perform a delicate balancing act between today’s wicked challenges and opportunities.
– Pier Wouda, program director, Creative Media


Bachelor: Digital Transformation Management

de koepelThroughout the study, students get to know how to apply business-driven ICT solutions using the latest data gathering, analysis and visualisation tools and methods. These competences are combined with strong entrepreneurial, personal and intercultural competences to enable them to lead innovative and ethical sound digital ventures and projects. In a broader sense, Digital Transformation Management refers to the strategies, planning and coordination of digital transformation processes.

The study program seeks to provide you with comprehensive competencies to lead the (ethical) development and use of digital technologies in companies and non-profit organisation in the Netherlands and abroad.
– Prof. Dr. Stijn van der Krogt, Chief Academic Officer

Master: Applied Sustainability Management

de koepelDuring the master program students learn to become an Applied Sustainability Manager: a highly qualified professional who can contribute added value to a company or institution beyond the boundaries of his own field applied knowledge and has specialised and interdisciplinary knowledge of different industries including energy, water and logistics, agribusiness, food, fashion, health care, urban development and mobility. As humans, we are still heavily dependent on natural resources for our activities, work and survival. However, their massive use leads to exhaustion and has irreversible negative consequences for our climate and the well-being of our planet. To avoid disastrous consequences for our society, we must focus on a more sustainable future by drastically reducing our need for natural resources and moving towards a circular economy.

The program aims at the development of specialised and interdisciplinary competencies in the combined fields of business, sustainability and transformation management to advance into advisory and management positions in companies and organisations interested in the transition towards a more sustainable world.
– Prof. Dr. Stijn van der Krogt, Chief Academic Officer

Program Structure

Instead of losing the overview in between lots of subjects, the students completely draw their attention to a maximum of two subjects that are taught in parallel during a block of 5 weeks, with practical tasks and working in small teams

Different kind of exams – no stress!

Due to the time frame of this proven study model, students no longer have to deal with crowded exam weeks. With a large pool of possible examination forms (from the typical exam up to role play or elevator pitch) they can demonstrate their skills in the way that is the most well-suited to the competences that are relevant for the subject in question.

Join the Haarlem Campus of Applied Sciences OPEN DAY on Saturday, 1st April, at 12:30 – 14:00 at De Koepel, Koepelplein 1C, 2031 WL Haarlem.