Station Haarlem

The Night Train will Ride in Haarlem

Yesterday in an announcement from Gemeente Haarlem, it was made know that the night train will start running in Haarlem beginning in 2017! This is amazing news for some of us that have been living here for a long time and have been hoping for this moment.

In November the town council asked councilwoman Sikkema to find money to make this happen. She was able to locate the funds and said “This money has been found and with it a longstanding wish will be fulfilled. Great for the city and for all the people that have been asking for this for years!” The idea is that the night train will be part of a program called “Coalitieprogramma Haarlem 2014-2018.” The town council will make the final decision on wether or not they will make the €30,000 – €50,000 per year investment final at their next meeting on February 11th (fingers crossed).

The night train will start in 2017 on Friday and Saturday nights with one extra train in each direction between Haarlem and Amsterdam. Nowadays the last train leaving Amsterdam and heading to Haarlem leaves the station around 1:30 AM. In 2017, the last train will leave around 2:30 AM.

No, this is not a true night train like other cities have with a connection to Amsterdam once every hour but there is still a group fighting to make that happen. There is a Facebook group called “Haarlem moet op het nachtnet” (Haarlem must be on the night train network) that has been started by PvdA Haarlem en GroenLinks Haarlem that now has over 6,000 members showing their support. Today they posted a message that they are very pleased with these developments but are still fighting to get a night train every hour for the whole night. They are even thinking about organizing a “party train” for the first night train that runs between the two cities in 2017. Be sure to like the group (in Dutch) to show your support and to be kept up to date.

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