The number of unemployed Haarlemmers has risen

Unemployment in the Netherlands rose in 2020 for the first time in five years.

At the end of last year, 357,000 people were out of work, compared to 314,000 at the end of 2019, according to figures from the recently published report ‘The labor market in figures’  by Statistics Netherlands.

The outbreak of the corona pandemic had a major impact on the labor market.

Haarlem and surrounding areas

Unfortunately, the number of unemployed also increased in Haarlem. In the period between the end of 2019 and the end of last year, the number of Haarlemmers without work increased by 21%.

In December last year, 3,190 residents of Haarlem received unemployment benefits. In Velsen the number of unemployed increased by the same percentage. In Heemstede this was an increase of 23 percent. Bloemendaal and Zandvoort both saw the number of unemployed rise by fifteen percent. In our neighboring municipality of Haarlemmermeer, that percentage was 31 percent and is therefore one of the municipalities with the highest increase.

Credit Crisis 2009 vs Now

The statistics bureau draws a comparison with the credit crisis in 2009, when the same pattern occurred. Nevertheless, the rise in unemployment last year was limited compared to the credit crisis of 2009. This is partly due to the government support measures, trying to keep as many people as possible in work.


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