Things to do to make your day unforgettable in Haarlem.

So here it is, one more weekend is knocking on your door, wake up sunshine, today will the day full of bright emotions.

Breakfast in Haarlem

But first – coffee and breakfast. Go to the Mica café, where two charming sisters and their puppy are creating magic all day. I would go for eggs Benedict or caramelized oatmeal and coffee of course. Have some small talk, the day has just started.


© https://workfrom.co/mica-coffee-bar


Snack in Haarlem

After breakfast, have a walk along the Spaarne river and canals, enjoy the vibrations of the city and grab the best home-made ice-cream at IJssalonGarrone, open since 1949 they produce the most interesting tastes ever existed. Basilium-mint, lavender or parsley – what will you choose?


© http://haarlemfoodies.nl/ijssalon-garrone-       aanstaande-zaterdag-weer-open/


Nature in Haarlem

Across the street, there is the Albert Heijn store. Here buy some food for the picnic and be ready to cycle for twenty minutes. Head to the Zuid-Kennemerland park, meet deer, and foxes, catch the sun and find a perfect spot for a picnic next to one of the hidden lakes. There are six of them there. After you are settled for a picnic, relax, read a book, and connect with nature.


© http://foonfoto.nl/2015/11/12/mooie-plekken-voor-een-instawalk-zuid-kennemerland/

The North Sea

Then cycle to the beach of the North Sea. It’s always an adventure. The North Sea doesn’t look like any other seas in the world: it’s flat and gray, it’s powerful and peaceful. The coastline treads and retreats, leaving a lot of sea treasures on the sand. Have lunch at the Woodstock 69 or San Blas – two places which will surprise you with its Cuban-Spanish atmosphere and unexpected meals.


© https://www.leetchi.com/c/soziales-von-soraya


Movie time in Haarlem

Prepare to cycle back to Haarlem and watch a movie. If you are picky and don’t like spending your time on blockbusters or stupid comedies, then go to Toneelschuur: there you will find popular movies from Cannes festival which will get your heart away.


© http://www.jessicazeylmaker.nl/single-post/2014/04/02/On-Sunday-6-april-Jessica-plays-at-Nachtgasten-Night-guests-


Dinner in Haarlem

Ready for the dinner? Visit Back to Basics restaurant and find yourself in Italy: Italian waiters will serve you real Italian pizzas and pasta with a real Italian generosity. After the dinner drop into Vinq – the wine bar at the Grote Markt and have a wine tasting for 6 euros only.


© https://www.tripadvisor.nl/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g188593-d6715511-i101573703-Back_to_Basics-Haarlem_North_Holland_Province.html


Dancing in Haarlem

Finish your day at the Kokonoches, the Cuban nightclub, where salsa music and a couple of mojitos will help you burn the dance floor.

And this all can happen in one city, so free and so versatile, in Haarlem – the city where anyone can find a place.

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