Things to do in Haarlem and beyond during June

The start of June brings with it new possibilities for physical outings to take place. Museums and some cultural institutions have opened their doors from 1 June, keeping in mind the restrictions that come along with that. Be prepared to keep your distance. With 30 people being the maximum number allowed inside, capacity is drastically reduced and so, for this month (and the coming months), online entertainment will continue to feature highly in the social calendar. Here we share some tips for museum exhibitions, a theatre performance, a trip to a vineyard, a musical film/concert, and a couple of other music initiatives.

While the online tours behind the closed doors of our museums over recent months that have seen us being able to get up-close to famous works of art – in a virtual sense – have been much appreciated, many people will be welcoming the fact that we can now step inside these much loved institutions once again. Advance booking online is essential and, due to limited capacity, be prepared for disappointment when you see the ‘uitverkocht’ notification.


frans hals exhibition

Frans Hals Museum

What: Haarlem Heroes – Other Masters
When: 1 June until 2 July

Named after Haarlem’s most famous artists, the Frans Hans Museum is home to works by multiple great artists. The current exhibition (a rehang of the collection) Haarlem Heroes: Other Masters showcases the ‘heroes’ from its own collection in location Hof. These artists featured include Hendrick Goltzius, Karel van Mander, Jan Porcellis, Salomon van Ruysdael, Nicolaes Berchem and many more.

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What: Sisi Boy
When: 1 June until 13 June

Back in March, we harped on about how going to the theatre for those who don’t speak the language might not be a regular pastime as there are not many performances in English. Then the crisis struck and we didn’t know how much we’d miss being in a theatre, whatever the language. Now, we welcome the opportunity with open arms – after all, it’s a good chance to practice listening to Dutch, right? The current show Sisi Boy is, according to Volkskrant, an ‘authentic mix of dream image and reality, accompanied by bittersweet sounds.’

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toneelschuur show

Promo shot for Sisi Boy


liefde voor muziekWhat: Haarlem On Air!
When: All hours online

Unfortunately, the music venue Patronaat cannot open its doors just yet. This is one venue, along with countless others, who called on the government to come up with a solid long-term plan for the preservation of the industry, with the launch Liefde voor Muziek (love for music). With this initiative, music agencies across the country joined forces with venues, festivals and artists to show how varied the Dutch music industry is – and the vast cultural and economic value it offers. You can show your support here. The good news is, Patronaat’s music has not stopped entirely and plays on via Haarlem On Air! – a collaboration of Patronaat, Slachthuis13 and various parties from the city and region.

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Amsteltuin Vineyard, Amstelveen

What: Borrel and Basket
From: 5 June (weekends, 14:00 to 18:00)

You might recall that we have a number of vineyards in our vicinity. We now have news from one such vineyard that was featured in this article earlier this year. From Friday 5 June, Amsteltuin is open for you to make a spontaneous visit on weekend afternoons (Friday to Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00). Guests can go there for a well-filled drinks basket with delicious wine and snacks. In the vineyard and garden, you can choose a table to enjoy; there is enough space to take a terrace at a distance of 1.5 meters.

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De Balie, Amsterdam

What: While We Live – A Compass to Connection
When: 27 and 28 June

There are increasing levels of loneliness and depression among the youths of many European cities. Ten years ago, music journalist Andrea Voets was looking for a way of living in closer contact with others and she ended up in Greece, where she was made feel welcome by lots of strangers around her. The film While We Live: A Compass to Connection is the result of a social roadtrip around the country to take a deeper look at the topic of loneliness. With a screening of the film alongside live music concert, performed by Andrea (harp), Sarah Jeffery (recorder) and Evi Filippou (percussion), the event will be a collective experience for musicians and audience, that allows everybody in need of another social perspective to experience a new compass to connection.

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while we live film

Promo shot for While We Live

Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden

pilgrims exhibition, leiden400What: Pilgrims to America – and the Limits of Freedom
When: 2 June to 13 September

The exhibition Pilgrims to America: and the Limits of Freedom marks the 400th anniversary of the historic journey across the Atlantic on the Mayflower. Before the pilgrims set sail for North America, they spent 12 years in Leiden as religious refugees. The official launch of Leiden400 on 22 May was a virtual affair and you can watch it online here.

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