Thrill Grill

Thrill Grill opens its doors in Haarlem

My friend Lizzy of Haarlem Foodies tipped me: Thrill Grill opens its doors in Haarlem. Thrill Grill is THE place to be for people who like real burgers. The charcoal grilled hamburgers are made of 100% Dutch beef and served with fries from locally grown potatoes. Robert Kranenborg has a fantastic reputation, so the Haarlem Foodies, are very curious to taste the results. In Haarlem!

Robert Kranenborg will open a second Thrill Grill. In the center of Haarlem,  in front of the Sint-Bavokerk on the Grote Markt. There are also plans for more Thrill Grills in the Netherlands.

The place will have the same interior design and the same menu as the restaurant in the Gerard Doustraat in Amsterdam. The interior is the work of James van der Velden of Bricks Amsterdam. Kranenborg is the main responsible for the menu.

According to Kranenborg,the distinctiveness of Thrill Grill the Josper charcoal oven. ‘Our burgers are baked on charcoal thus get a nice smoky flavor. We are looking for people who are charcoal masters. This requires craftsmanship’.

Thril Grill


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