Time to Romance: Best Places in Haarlem to have a date

Whether you need a romantic spot to impress a new found love, rekindle an existing romance or just have your weekly date night. Haarlem has many spots from fine dining to magical walks. It is hard to narrow it down, but we gave it a go. So forget your standard cinema and sushi night and try something new. There is always something for every occasion.

De Kloosterkeuken

This little gem of a restaurant is hidden in the Burgwal neighborhood in the centre of Haarlem in an old monastery. Only open Tuesday to Friday nights and for early dinner, this spot is normally visited by locals (had to spill their secret eventually). A beautiful terrace for evening dinner, otherwise indoors also offers a nice setting. This restaurant is great as it is part of a fantastic initiative led by three chefs who guide a team of young adults ages 15 to 27 who have been given a second chance with education and are following a program to receive a diploma. They put in a lot of work and it shows by the service and great menu. The menu is diverse and creative, always with local produce in mind. A great 3 course dinner is offered. Reservations are a must if going on a Friday.


Orangerie Elswout

Okay, whilst not technically Haarlem, it is a 10 minute cycle from the centre so lets just ignore that technicality. The beautiful grounds are absolutely picturesque for a romantic picnic or walk. Complete with deer, ponds, unique buildings and beautiful nature you can’t go wrong here. An added bonus is that it is never too crowded compared to other parks. There is a reason why you will often find weddings here or have a feeling you are in a fairytale.


Spaarne 66

Always in the top 5 of terraces in the Netherlands, grab lunch here in between a day of shopping with your significant other and you will see why the award is well deserved. Right on the Spaarne, you get first row seats to the boats going by and the bridge traffic of the Instagram worthy Melkburg. All with the backdrop of the skyline from the Grote Markt. It is a busy place, but just go and try your luck. Don’t let the cold keep you away, as it is a cozy spot with blankets and outside heaters. Dinner is also a romantic setting. The menu varies per season, but is reasonably priced and has variety. A great place to cozy up with a cup of tea and debate who will attack the pile of dishes when you return home!


In ‘t Goede Uur

This classic has been around for years in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the center, de Vijfhoek. The menu will not disappoint your Dutch submersion of Fondue cheese, wine and bread. The dark setting with candles and antiques on the walls offers a great backdrop for a romantic evening as you sit closely together around a small table. Reservations are a must as they have limited seating. Fondue is a heavy meal that your stomach wont forget for days. So your confidence to take the date to next level that evening may be affected, but worth it!


Sauna van Egmond

In the North of Haarlem, there is a spa where you can escape. From a Turkish designed swimming pool to many different sauna’s and hot baths. This spa is guaranteed to make you feel like you have left the Netherlands for a day. In between relaxation, you can have a great meal by the fire in their restaurant. Or wait for a couples spa treatment in their cinema. No clothes in this place, which is always a confidence booster in the romance department. This place is busy on the weekends, so try and go during the week. There is a high chance you are in the minority if under the age of 35, but the older couples are hopefully an example of what you hope to have in the years to come.


Dessert Bar

This find is left for those on their awkward first date phase. This little spot off the Grote Markt is exactly as the name says. It is a bar with a dessert menu and alcohol. It hits all the check marks for cozy, cute and hip. The fact the menu is filled with sugar just helps break the ice as nobody is unhappy when dessert is around!


Toko Nina

Whilst this one may be a random add to the list, everyone knows a cozy night at home binge watching Netflix with your better half is sometimes all you need. Make it easy for yourself by picking up some take away from the best toko in town located on the Koningstraat in the centre.  Don’t let the words take away scare you away, as it is quite healthy compared to other options. You taste every flavor of the meat and vegetables and there is much choice from sate to spicy. So grab a meal on your way back from the office and enjoy a great night in.


La Cucina di Georgia

By far the winner of most romantic restaurant in Haarlem, my husband may kill me for sharing our spot.  A place for those special occasions. As you will be paying more than your average Haarlem restaurant, but it is worth it in every bite you taste. Located on the Spaarne, this Italian restaurant brings flavors bursting in your mouth. No pasta or pizza will be found here, instead the other side of the Italian kitchen will come alive in this candlelit paradise. Enjoy a long meal and the finer things in life together.


There are so many spots in Haarlem, it is hard to narrow it down. What are your romantic spots? Let us know and we will be back with round nummer twee!

Libby Horwitz