Tips for the best Halloween you ever had!

This is my favourite time of the year. I love autumn for its colours, scents and how the weather gets colder every day, and most of all, I love Halloween.

The origins of Halloween date back 2000 years, and it was the night before the Celtic new year. The Celts believed that this night the lines between the worlds of the living and the dead were blurred and spirits could walk among the living.

If you would like to know more about the history of Halloween read on here.

In modern time, however, we celebrate Halloween by dressing up in scary costumes, have parties, go trick or treating or for some just curling up on the sofa with some mulled wine and watch something scary. Either way, you might find the following tips useful and don’t forget to check out the downloadable Halloween Party Game (adults only)!

Halloween Party

Creative costume

If you would like to come up with a costume idea that is not a cat, witch, zombie, skeleton or vampire, then check out these easy yet funny costume ideas!

Halloween Party Treats

No matter if you are hosting a party or you are invited to one, these easy and fun snack ideas will surely be a hit! Yummy!

Halloween drinks

I just love how these Halloween cocktails look! They are spooky, magical and easy to make! If you want to wow your guests with visually awesome cocktails click here!

Party Decorations!!!

I have to be honest here, this is the reason why I love Halloween so much. If you are having a party or just enjoy your apartment looking a bit different for a few days (like I do) you can get inspiration from these DIY decoration ideas.

What to watch

In case you prefer not to get dressed up and go crazy on Halloween, I would like to share with you my top 7 movies and TV series that I enjoyed a lot!

Haunting on Hill House

The first season of this series can be watched on Netflix. If you like ghosts and scary things, yet you are tired of stupid and typical horror movies, you will love this one. It is very well made and has a depth to it. I would give five stars.

The Conjuring 1-2.

James Wan did great with the Conjuring movies. Featuring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson the stories of the first and second movies are based on true events. Very scary! Loved it.

IT (2017)

The 1990 version of this movie traumatised me as a child. Unfortunately, by mistake, I’ve seen a snippet of the original movie and was unlucky enough to see the face of the clown. Since then I had a phobia that was so bad, that I had to hide under a table at a McDonald’s birthday party when Ronald came to greet the birthday girl. When the remake came out I gave it a lot of thought about whether I should go and watch or not. I decided to go for it and it was a great decision! I still don’t like clowns, but the movie was really good.

American horror story season 1-2

Honestly, I didn’t watch all season of AHS, but I lost interest after a while. However, I think that the first 2 season were so good! It is definitely worth to binge watch!

Crimson Peak (2015)

Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak was a movie that divided my friend circle either they loved it or hated it. I personally enjoyed it very much. It was different in so many good ways!

The Witch (2016)

This movie keeps up tension from beginning to end. An American settler family 60 years ahead of the Salem witch trials. This is an extremely tense movie, at least it was for me!

The Nun

The nun just aired recently in the cinemas as the spin-off of the Conjuring movies. This movie has all elements that will freak you out! For me, this was a very typical horror movie, but I liked it.


The Bonus Party Game

I love to play, and I love board games and party games a lot. This is why I took the liberty and made a game based on a simple murder mystery game and made into a Halloween party game you can download, print and play!

The Haunted town of Shadowburrow

Special Card © Image sources; jeuxvideo.com, https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/127367495687818404/?lp=true, kisspng.com, pixabay.com

Special Card © image sources; jeuxvideo.com, https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/127367495687818404/?lp=true, kisspng.com, pixabay.com

Special Card © Image Sources, jeuxvideo.com, https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/127367495687818404/?lp=true, kisspng.com, pixabay.com

Village Card © Image sources jeuxvideo.com, https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/127367495687818404/?lp=true, kisspng.com, pixabay.com

Village Card © jeuxvideo.com, https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/127367495687818404/?lp=true, kisspng.com, pixabay.com

Few tips:

  • If you print out the character cards stick them on a black carton, so nobody can see what’s on the other side.
  • Look for some eerie music playlist on Youtube or Spotify to create a spooky atmosphere of the game.

I hope you found my tips useful and you will have a great Halloween! 


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