Tokorico tempeh roti

Tokorico: A little slice of fire and spice on the Botermarkt

In need of some exotic Suriname cuisine to warm up these winter nights? Or perhaps you’re hitting the January sales and need a quick, tasty lunchtime fix? Then consider Tokorico, a little takeaway joint on the Botermarkt which opened in April last year. A few weeks ago I sampled some of its offerings.

Authentic, home cooking from Suriname

Tokorico provides authentic Suriname food, following family recipes passed down through generations. They pride themselves on their home cooking style, and the freshness of the food, with everything prepared right in front of you. Many of their recipes take on a Creole twist, peppered with tropical coconut flavours.

Tokorico menu

Everything at Tokorico is cooked from scratch; nothing is bought pre-cooked. They also use the traditional kouseband in their dishes instead of regular green beans, which keep their crunch when cooked.

According to owner Ricardo, the most popular dishes they serve up are Roti – curry chicken with potatoes and green beans; and their famous Broodje Rico – a sandwich served with Suriname-flavoured pulled chicken. One of their more unusual dishes is Bakkeljauw – codfish flavoured with coconut milk.

Tasty vegetarian options in addition to the meat versions

I tried the vegetarian option of roti with tempeh. The sauce for the tempeh is the same as for the chicken version, and it was wonderfully rich, full of exotic flavors, with just the right amount of heat (no extra sambal needed for me!). The potatoes and vegetables were cooked perfectly, with the vegetables tasting really fresh and not falling off your fork like so often happens in takeaway places. It felt like each ingredient had really been cooked with care!

Tokorico tempeh roti

My friend had the kip kerrie with yellow rice and mixed veg. Again, the chicken and vegetables were cooked to perfection. And they do provide generous portions so you definitely won’t be left hungry afterwards.

Tokorico kio kerrie with rice

We also tried the dawet drink (the little pink bottles in the fridge) – it was the perfect sweet, creamy accompaniment to the rich spices in the meal. Ricardo creates it fresh, from coconut, milk, lemongrass and a secret syrup. Definitely worth trying out, especially if you have a sweet tooth!

All in all it’s a friendly place, where the combination of the cooking, the heat from the kitchen and the atmosphere transport you to a faraway exotic land, right on the Botermarkt! Very reasonable prices for fresh, tasty (fast) food.

Tokorico Haarlem

Find Tokorico at Botermarkt 27, Haarlem where they are open for lunch, dinner or snacks. You can also find them on Facebook, or order via Deliveroo.




Sarah Fencott