toneel and filmschuur

Toneel and Filmschuur ‘language no problem’ program from September to December.

Toneel-en Filmschuur Haarlem offers a ‘language no problem’ program that consists of a broad variety of films, theatre, dance and musical theatre performances for adults, youngsters and children. Below you find the Language no problem theatre program 2018-2019. With expatsHaarlem discounts and meetups.

WO-MAN GoldenPalace © Ben van Duin

Golden Palace
In the hilarious but very moving ‘WO-MAN’, two talented power actresses get to accept their inner man – they are suffering from gender stress.
wed 26 t/m sat 29 sept –  20:00 Toneel and filmschuur


wed 26 till sat 29 Sept – 20:00 Toneel- & Filmschuur

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© Rob Hogeslag

Danslokaal 6 on tour
Conny Janssen Danst
Talented choreographers get the opportunity to showcase their work during Danslokaal, resulting in a surprising evening of dance featuring three new works.
wed 26 & thu 27 sep – 20:30 Toneel and filmschuur


© Sanne Peper

Theater Rotterdam / Erik Whien / Boogaerdt/Vanderschoot
A highly visual production that investigates our desire for a unified reality. The layers of reality are stripped away one by one by means of a fictional murder.
fri 28 & sat 29 sep – 20:30 Toneel and filmschuur


© Claire Konstantino

Soul #2 performers
Dancers are magicians who use their bodies to play with time, space and emotion. They are different from us, the audience, with our bums on the seats. Aren’t they?
tue 9 oct – 20:30 Toneel and filmschuur


© Bart Grietens

My heart into my mouth
Stichting Espen Hjort / Het Huis Utrecht / Theater Utrecht
Theatre production about those moments when you wanted to say something but weren’t able to get it off your chest. How can we talk without speaking?
thu 11 oct – 20:00 Toneel and filmschuur


© Robert Benschop

Krisztina de Châtel / VA Wölfl / Patricio Wang
Thron is all about restrained strength, incredible dedication and energy controlled ever more intensely in an epic struggle with time. This requires the utmost concentration from the dancers.
tue 30 oct – 18:30 Toneel and filmschuur


© Lonneke van der Palen

How to Build a Universe
Theater Rotterdam / Davy Pieters
In How to Build a Universe, director Davy Pieters dissects chance, subverting both the laws of the theatre and of nature with a highly imaginative, filmic, physical and musical production.
wed 31 oct & thu 1 nov20:00 Toneel and filmschuur

© Volksoperahuis Liggend

Musical theatre
Krotoa, eve of mankind
Volksoperahuis / Artscape Cape Town
Western harmonies and chord sequences meet African rhythms, rhyming and reeling. A multilingual, intercultural and above all musical ode to a shared history in which the perspective constantly shifts.
fri 2 & sat 3 nov – 20:00 Toneel and filmschuur

© Anna Fransen

Dansclick 20
Korzo Producties
Jubilee edition of the successful voyage of discovery through the latest generation of dance-makers. The programme is accompanied by video portraits and an Après Danse, giving you a chance to talk to choreographers and dancers.
tue 20 nov – 20:30 Toneel and filmschuur

© Roosmarijn Knijnenburg


Dance 12+
Maas Theater en Dans
We all love a bit of schadenfreude, but can we also laugh at our own faults? Victory is one big failure show on the theme of being allowed to make mistakes.
thu 22 nov – 19:30 Toneel and filmschuur

© Menno van der Meulen

Quite Discontinuou
Schifft / Jasper van Luijk
In Quite Discontinuous, our fascination with lifelessness is captured in a precise, painfully sharp choreography alternating between partner dances and tense solos.
tue 4 dec – 20:30 Toneel and filmschuur

© Sofie Knijff

Musical theatre
Pointless International Medley
MaarschappijDiscordia / ’t Barre Land
A new medley is drawn from 200 years’ worth of classic clowns scenes. Never the same twice, and always simply the best. Probably unnecessary but still essential.
wed 5 & thu 6 dec Toneel and filmschuur

© Danstheater AYA – Blood Kiss

Dance 12+
Blood Kiss
Danstheater AYA
A bloodcurdling, poignant, hilarious horror show with dance, singing, theatre and man-sized puppets, about the love between a human boy and a vampire girl.
thu 6 dec – 19:30 Toneel and filmschuur

© Halie Kleiner

Mechanical Ecstasy
Club Guy & Roni / Slagwerk Den Haag
Mechanical Ecstasy presents a ninety-minute ode to the rave parties of the late ’80s. Then DJ collective BAPTIST takes over with a live set in the hall!
fri 7 dec – 20:30 Toneel and filmschuur

© Frits van den Assem

Sweet demon
Sweet Demon is danced by an all-male cast who commit hearts and heads to give a performance full of contradictions and ambiguities.
fri 14 & sat 15 dec – 20:30 Toneel and filmschuur

© Ann Van den Broek

Blueprint on memory
WArd/waRD / Ann Van den Broek
The blueprint is literally visible on the floor as the performers move through wires, cables, pedals and triggers. A complex chaos that tests the mental and physical memories of the performers.
tue 18 dec – 20:30 Toneel and filmschuur