Toneelschuur Haarlem ‘Language No Problem’ Theater Program September-December 2019

Toneel-en Filmschuur Haarlem offers a ‘language no problem’ program that consists of a broad variety of films, theater, dance and musical theater performances for adults, youngsters, and children. Below you find the Language No Problem theater program for September-December 2019.

LNP Theater Programme September – December 2019 


LANGUAGE - Het Nationale Theater 06 - Sanne Peper.jpg

LANGUAGE – Het Nationale Theater 06 Photo by Sanne Peper ©


LANGUAGE  (with English supertitles) 

Vanja Rukavina / Het Nationale Theater 

Vanja Rukavina and his parents fled the civil war in Sarajevo in 1992. The solo performance LANGUAGE is based on his life experiences and his lovfor language – and his Korean girlfriend. 

Fri 13 Sep – 20:00 & Sat 14 Sep – 15:30  Toneelschuur 

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Fields - Astrid Boons I Korzo producties - (Joris-Jan Bos) 3.jpg

Fields – Astrid Boons I Korzo producties  Photo by Joris-Jan Bos ©



Astrid Boons / Korzo Producties 

In the poetic, abstract production Fields, the dancers become one with their environment. In ainterplay of dance, music, and light, Boons creates images that stimulate all of our senses and tease out associationthat slip away the moment we try to get to grips with them 

Tue 17 Sep  20:30  Toneelschuur 

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Theater Utrecht - What we leave behind (Julian Maiwald).jpg

Theater Utrecht – What we leave behind Photo by Julian Maiwald ©

Mime, Theatre 

What we leave behind 

Davy Pieters / Theater Utrecht 

What lives onand what falls by the wayside? In a highly visual production featuring sixteen talented mimes and performers, Davy Pieters zooms in and out on a long chaiof big events and small actionsSet to a musical melange made up of acoustic sounds and analogue synth. 

 Thu 19 Sep – 20:30 – Toneelschuur 

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Conny Janssen Danst - DANSLOKAAL 7 on tour (…as Terlaak) 1.jpg

Nederland, Rotterdam, 14-12-2018. Studiorepetitie van de Conny Jansen Danst Photo by Andreas Terlaak  ©


Danslokaal 7 

Conny Janssen Danst 

 This annual project by Conny Janssen allows talented choreographers to develop new works with the company’s dancers. The perfect opportunity to see new work by young, up-and-coming choreographers. 

Tue 1 Oct & Wed 2 Oct – 20:30  Toneelschuur 

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REDO - Shailesh Bahoran I Illusionary Rockaz Com…erd Derine) 4.jpg

REDO – Shailesh Bahoran I Illusionary Rockaz Company Photo by Sjoerd Derine ©



Shailesh Bahoran / Illusionary Rockaz Company 

 Two stunning examples of thincredible versatility of theatre-maker, choreographer and dancer Shailesh Bahoran. REDO is all about inexhaustible willpower and cast-iron discipline and features dancer Redouan Ait Chitt, who in spite of a physical anomaly has becoman internationally renowned break-dancer. In HERITAGE, Bahoran uses break-dance and popping to go in search of his Hindustani roots. 

Tue 8 Oct – 20:30 – Toneelschuur  

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B-BOY - Maas theater en dans - (Noa Verhofstad).jpg

B-BOY – Maas theater en dans – Photo by Noa Verhofstad ©



Maas Theater en Dans 

Five virtuoso dancers get extreme as they explore the boundaries of their physical being with brute force or cat-like agilityAn explosive performance with and about break-dancers and in which film and theater, real-life and fiction seamlessly merge. 

Wed 9 Oct – 19:30 – Toneelschuur  

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 Or Die Trying - Backbone I Alida Dors -(rechtenvrij).jpg

Or Die Trying – Backbone I Photo by Alida Dors -(rechtenvrij) ©


Or die trying

Alida Dors / Backbone 

Dance theatre for dreamers and fighters. Choreographer Alida Dors makes thwar of attrition that is life palpable through a combination of dance, film, performance and Thai boxing. 

 Tue 15 Oct – 20:30 – Toneelschuur  

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SHOT - SHIFFT I Jasper van Luijk & Christiaan De…er Meulen) 2.jpg

Photo by Menno Van der Meulen ©



Shifft / Jasper van Luijk & Christiaan de Donder / Korzo Producties 

Visual culture is more important than ever – in fact, we have become visual culture junkies. How is this influencing how we see one another – and ourselves? 

Tue 22 Oct – 20:30 – Toneelschuur  

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JOE 5 - Duda Paiva Company - (Studio Matusiak) 1.jpg

JOE 5 – Duda Paiva Company


JOE 5 

Duda Paiva Company 

 magical world in which what was once science fiction becomes realityThrough choreographic meetings – sometimes raw and sometimes poetic – between humaand being, performer and puppetPaiva creates a universe all of her own 

 Thu 24 Oct – 20:00 – Toneelschuur  

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Pie in the Sky - Boost Producties - (Roos de Bolster).jpg

Pie in the Sky Picture by Roos de Bolster ©


Circus, Theatre 

Pie in the Sky 

Boost Producties  

The impressive production Pie in the Sky is fulof breath-taking acrobatic trickthat are all about elasticity and belief. In an inflatable setting, three extremely strong acrobats and a musician are constantly challenged tdefy gravity. Will they managto find a way through this aerial existence? 

Fri 25 Oct & Sat 26 Oct – 20:00  Toneelschuur 

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Zooming In on Loss – WArdIwaRD I Ann Van den Broek – Picture by Rio Staelens & De Zagerij ©


Zooming in on Loss 

WArd/waRD / Ann Van den Broek 

 Performance, sound, text, and video merge in an intense dance production dealing with the loss of memoryPart of The Memory Loss Collection. 

We will present Part 3, Memory Loss, on Tue 11 Feb. 

 Tue 29 Oct  20:30 – Toneelschuur  

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Photo by Serge Ligtenberg ©



Danstheater AYA | ZEP 

Shakespeare’s great romance remixed in dance, spoken word, and song. 

Thu 21 Nov – 19:30 – Toneelschuur  

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The exact position of things

The exact position of things Photo by Anja Beutler ©



The exact position of things 

Nicole Beutler Projects / Rudolphi Producties 

Aexceptional dance production from the oeuvre of renowned choreographer Nicole Beutler, who was inspired by the experiences of people with Alzheimer’s diseaseShe sketchea dark yet liberating universe where the familiar becomes strange and the strange becomes familiar 

 Thu 21 Nov – 20:00 – Toneelschuur  

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SOLAS - LeineRoebana - (YANi)

SOLAS – LeineRoebana – (YANi) ©




 SOLAS is marvelous maelstrom of song, dance, text, and musicinterwoven with the melancholy love poetry and lamentations of renaissance composer Dowland. 

 Fri 22 Nov & Sat 23 Nov – 20:30 – Toneelschuur  

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SUMMA ~Samir Calixto //KORZO Producties

Photo by Joris Jan Bos ©



Samir Calixto / Cello Octet / Korzo Producties  

Dance production on our desire for comforand quietset to music by Arvo Pärt. 

Tue 26 Nov – 20:30 – Toneelschuur  

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 (im) Pulse - Krisztina de Chatel & Berbee

(im) Pulse – Krisztina de Chatel & Berbee



Krisztina de Châtel | SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht | Ensemble 88 

 Dance trilogy by the grande dame of Dutch minimalist dance. 

 Tue 10 Dec – 20:30 – Toneelschuur  

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Shake Shake Shake - De Dansers - (Moon Saris) 1

Shake Shake Shake – De Dansers – (Moon Saris) ©


Shake Shake Shake  

De Dansers 

A production that weaves dance and live music together – vertightAn explosive cocktail of suppressed ragand exuberanjoy. Music as an infectious invitation tmove – to shakoff all the sorrow. 

 Thu 12 Dec – 19:30 – Toneelschuur 

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DansClick 21 I Korzo producties - choreografie Q4 Qantified (Steven Tips) 3

DansClick 21 I Korzo producties – choreografie Q4 Qantified (Steven Tips) 3 ©


Dansclick #21 

Sarada Sarita / Christiaan De Donder & Sedrig Verwoert 

 In ‘Q4: Quantified’ Sarada Sarita, leading light of Dutch New Way Vogue, calls for equalityThe autobiographical duet ‘They/Them’ by Christiaan De Donder & Sedrig Verwoert tackles racismtoxic masculinity, and queerphobiaAs always with Dansclick, the audience gets to know the makers by talking to them while enjoying a drink. 

 Tue 17 Dec – 20:30 – Toneelschuur  

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