Top tips for last-minute Christmas shopping

Okay so it’s December 18th, you could start to panic BUT we would rather you didn’t! Whether you are yet to pick up the hottest gadget of the year or you simply need to grab the last few items on that wish list, here are a few stress-busting top tips for last-minute Christmas shopping!

Make a list and Start early

Yes, Christmas is almost upon us but there is still time to get ahead of the shopping game. Make a list of the essentials and add some backup plans in case what you want is sold out. If you still plan on hitting the stores be strategic, arrive early and bring your most shop savvy friend so you can divide and conquer. If you haven’t already made a list of what you need, do it now! You will be so glad you did as you grab the last ‘Imaginext DC Transforming Remote Control Batmobile’ off the shelf and smugly tick it off said list!

Having a focused mindset for shopping rather than aimlessly browsing stores can make your shopping experience much more enjoyable and productive.

Use direct-to-consumer brands

If you think you won’t be able to make it to the stores, or you simply aren’t in the mood to deal with the festive hustle and bustle there are lots of online routes to take in order to make your shopping experience a lot more enjoyable. If you are thinking of using Amazon, and are a Prime member, this can be the easiest way to get nearly any gift you can think of with free two-day shipping. Ordering online ahead of time can save stress and allow the shipping to bring your presents straight to your doorstep.

Depending on what stores you are looking to order from, avoid disappointment by checking shipping details carefully so all your gifts arrive on time. At this late stage, avoid last-minute stress by using direct-to-consumer brands. There are so many great gifts out there that can be delivered within days at the click of a button!

Sign up for newsletters

Considering there are so many shops and everyone has their favorites, it can be hard to keep track of all the deals available. By signing up for newsletters highlighting all the holiday deals you increase your chances of snapping up some real bargains. Sometimes these newsletters even offer coupons that can help you cut lines in-store or help you save a little extra money on your next order.

If you are easily overwhelmed it is a good idea to start a folder in your email specifically for newsletters. This can make for the perfect hub for all of your shopping deals and promos! This will also save you a fortune in the January sales if you have the patience to wait that long!

Give gift cards and avoid shopping

If the worst comes to worst and you run out of time, gift cards and vouchers are never a bad option. Sure they can be a little impersonal but it can be hard to know the ideal present for everyone and some people love choosing their own purchases. I have friends who always ask for gift cards and come January they have a list of what they want and the gift cards to take care of the bills! If anything you are giving the gift of stress-free shopping when you give gift cards!

They are the perfect last-minute gift for anyone, you can grab them in-store, they don’t require shipping like other presents and they put the present selection process back in the hands of the recipient to ensure they get something they actually want!


Subscription presents are genius! They are the ultimate gift that keeps on giving so this year signing up your loved one to a handy subscription could be the gift they never knew they needed! Think HelloFresh, think Harry’s, think Loot Crate! Well, now there is a subscription box to suit every need. It is super easy to sign up for a subscription gift and if your loved one decides they want to discontinue receiving it, most boxes can be easily cancelled.

Et voila it’s as simple as that! I can sense your Christmas shopping stress dissipating already!

Handmade with love

It is almost impossible to keep coming up with amazing gift ideas for everyone year after year! Handmade gifts are extremely thoughtful and have the advantage of being unique. Play to your strengths, If you are a dab hand in the kitchen, why not make some delicious treats for your nearest and dearest. If you like to paint, a picture with a personal touch will warm any heart this Christmas. If you have a very big family or perhaps your budget is a little small this year, handmade gifts show all the love without the expense.

If you like the idea of handmade but you find yourself lacking in the creativity department, websites like Etsy or Not On The Highstreet can be great options!

Most importantly…

We hope these tips will make Christmas week a little less stressful, who knows you may even enjoy being serenaded by Wham and all the classic Christmas tunes as you embark on that last-minute rush from shop to shop! Remember you will get there and when you do, we hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. To ensure the love endures all Christmas we suggest keeping those receipts…..just in case! 😉

If you have any top tips for a stress-free Christmas we would love to hear them!

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