Topless sunbathing is out (Photo: Getty Images)

Topless sunbathing is out

European women choose less and less for topless sunbathing 

This is what the French Elle writes, according to The Independent.

The magazine’s summer issue suggests that topless sunbathing is over, even on the French Riviera, known for its sun kissed topless bathers. Elle explains that the main reason is health concerns.

Increased awareness about skin cancer and recognition of the detrimental damage of UV rays on the skin have made women conscious about baring it all and wearing their bikini top.

Topless still scandal

Besides, some vips have been heavy criticised for sunbathing topless. The Independent mentions the case of Duchess Kate who was shot topless in the privacy of her holiday apartment. The “scandal” hit the front of French Closer. According to Elle this negative media judgement could also influence the trend of sunbathing in bikini.

Topless for feminist activism

The Magazine Elle also signalises another, opposite trend: the wake of feminist activism which has sought to promote women’s rights through going topless.

In the spring / summer 2014 fashion show by Nina Ricci, this was still the case: two Ukrainian women disrupted the fashion show by shouting slogans and run naked on the catwalk.

Femen activists protest on the catwalk of Nina Ricci during the 2014 Spring/Summer fashion show

Femen activists protest on the catwalk of Nina Ricci during the 2014 Spring/Summer fashion show

Topless sunbathing in Europe

The Independent reports a recent research by Expedia in which women in Austria, Germany and Spain are most likely to strip off. The poll shows that 74 per cent of Spaniards sunbathe naked, followed by a 28 per cent of Germans and Austrians, while other nationalities are much less comfortable taking their top off. For example, 13 per cent of Americans, 12 per cent of Britons and just two per cent of Japanese holidaymakers would go topless. Norwegians are the least likely to wear skimpy swimsuits and Brazilians are the most like to do so.






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