Train smart new year resolution

Train smart: The fitness of the future!

Here we are again, January. The time of the year you feel the festive meals of the past few weeks each time you put on your jeans, and you remember that moment holding your glass of Champagne when you told yourself: “This year is the year. I’ll start working out and get fit.”

There’s one thing though, by the end of January most of our beautiful new year’s resolutions have faded and we get back to our usual behaviors. So, when it comes to getting fit and healthy is it a question of will-power? You know the endless inside struggle: “Go to the gym…”, “I’m tired, this meeting was exhausting, I’ll go tomorrow…”, “Go to the gym I said!”

So, will-power or not? Well, getting fit won’t happen by wonder. However, there is a new generation of trainers who really understand the challenge it is for many of us and have develop a way to make us shift our perspective. Because that’s all it takes, change the way we feel about getting fit: not seeing it as a struggle to work out these muscles, no matter how deep they are hiding right now.

Healthy Bastards is one of these places where trainers teach you how to love the journey. Their goal is not to exhaust you with burning as much calories as possible to get the result you want as quick as possible. These guys train you to do less, better. They train you to get in the habit of working out with your attention on the quality, optimizing the effects of what you do and really enjoy it. Because changing your habits is the only way to get results for good.

Train smart new year resolutionThe place is not huge, nor are there countless machines. The atmosphere is relaxed, and you feel welcome from the moment you push the door and step in. Here, the old school personal notebook replaces the smartphone that you leave in your bag, so you really can focus on what you do. And anyway, you’re just so into the training that there’s no way you’ll even think about it.

This concept, mixing old school tools and modern conscious training, all started from the passion of the founder and owner. Hidde Lameijer decided after graduating from cooking school that it wasn’t what he was meant to do with his life. He moved from his hometown in the East of The Netherlands to Haarlem for an internship at Kenamju Sport center. Year after year learning, growing, and moving up to become the Center’s manager and a personal trainer coaching a professional athlete.

Train smart new year resolutionWhen the first lockdown started, Hidde had left the Kenamju Sport center to become a full-time personal trainer in different places. And even though all the gyms closed, having no place to train did not discourage him. He decided to train people outside in small groups which was a huge success! This led him to open his own sport center: Healthy Bastards in November 2020, right before the second lockdown.

Train smart new year resolutionHis mission: teach and train his client to love what they do when they train. His method is built on cultivating the feeling of growth: clients see and experience that they get fitter, stronger and really can make the change happen. A change for good, because loving what they do, loving the place and the people with who they do it are the solid foundation for this new habit to become part of their life, part of who they are.

Why? Because being fit and healthy is not only something you do, but also part of who you are.

A year later, in lockdown again, the Healthy Bastards’ team has grown and now counts eight highly skilled trainers. Virgil Moal on a similar path as Hidde, decided to stay at the end of his internship at Healthy Bastards and became the center’s manager. Together they continue developing the company and growing their team’s skills. That way they really make a difference by teaching a new way of working out, empowering their clients to make the change happen inside and outside.

Train smart new year resolutionAt Healthy Bastards you’ll feel welcome, be trained in body and mind. You’ll absolutely have fun, drink coffee, chat and laugh. Leaving with a happy heart, feeling the workout in your muscles, and empowered with trust in yourself.