Trampoline jumping in the depth

Since Friday 4 July the world’s first ‘underground trampoline’ is in use. The surreal experience of Bounce Below is set within a historic disused slate cavern in Northern Wales, installed with massive bouncy nets to jump around in, unlike anything seen before.

Three gigantic trampolines – like nets – are hung within two vast chambers at varying levels, linked together by walkways and slides. The cavern is lit up with a technicoloured light display that illuminates the cavern with vibrant colours, showing off the (beauty of the) remains of the Victorian slate.

This awesome experience, which lasts approx 1 hour, can be done all year round! You’ll be supplied with a cotton overall and safety helmet before being taken to the impressive 200 x 60 foot cavern by an old mini train, where you are free to bounce, climb and slide.

Interested in an overseas (kids) activity? Details like prices, restrictions and many more can be found on Bounce Below’s website.

(Sources: Metro and Bounce Below)

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