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Transform your home, not your lifestyle

Emerging lifestyles are transforming the way we interact with our houses. The limits between personal, social and work life are blurring, and with it the innate comfort of our homes. The benefits of living in a harmonious and functional space are underrated, but our well-being should never be underestimated.

A home is a safe and comfortable space; a place where we can unwind at the end of the day. Architecturally speaking a house is just a building made out of bricks and concrete, but when we style it, load it with personal objects and overflow it with memories, then it becomes a home. Our home reflects our personality, tastes and lifestyle.

For the past couple of years, our homes have been forced to change, transforming from secluded resting places to spaces where different activities coexist. As time goes by, we find ourselves doing more activities and spending more time at home, from working to studying to socializing and exercising, all in the same space. The place that was originally designated to leave everything else aside, is now the most dynamic place in our lives. The challenge for our homes to make us feel comfortable has increased.

Interior design


One particular activity has invaded most of our living rooms during the past months, working from home. Doing home office has been a possibility for certain workers for some time now, but currently, it’s the only option for the majority. This change of lifestyle has carried some modifications to our private households. What used to be a dining table, bar, counter or even a nightstand has been upgraded to a working desk. Some have tried to solve the situation by acquiring an ergonomic chair to ease the back pain produced by long hours sitting at the dining chair, or by placing an office desk in the middle of the kitchen, but there are better and more elegant ways to improvise a dedicated office space at home.

Now more than ever feeling comfortable in our own space has gained relevance, because the place where you spend the most time, must be where you feel your best. There is no reason for us to quit our well-being for the sake of a job, or to have to adapt our living space to function as a classroom or as a gym. Spaces can be flexible and dynamic, but for them to better adapt to our new lifestyle some structured decisions have to be made. Regardless of the size of your home, it is possible to create a space that can allow you to be productive without quitting your comfort, having it promotes mental and physical health, encouraging us to be happier and more productive.

Interior design

@Carmen Mercado – Dedicated Home office space

Whether you choose to acquire transforming furniture, relocate chairs, opt for a smaller desk to fit more than one ambiance, accessorize your room to create different settings, or hire an Interior Designer to guide your decisions, certainly you will never regret seeking your well-being at home. Perhaps no space can turn from bedroom to gym and office in the same day, but getting professional help can aid you in prioritizing activities and creating dedicated spaces for those tasks with specific needs.
The most important thing to remember when renovating or restyling your spaces is, not to give up on the essential comfort that a home should provide.


An Interior Designer can guide you into adapting your home to your needs rather than forcing a new lifestyle into your house, all while respecting your personal style and essence.

There are plenty of Interior Designers in Haarlem that can help you renovate or restyle your house. Some are expats themselves, don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you need help restoring your home’s comfort.



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