Stand strong, feel good about yourself and be confident. Sounds good right? Whether it’s a fit body, feeling confident or standing strong in whatever we do in life, it takes some work and efforts. So how do you get there?  

 Meet Martijn Bos! The owner of the Trojan Power Academy and creator of the Trojan Power Method 

His curriculum is seriously impressive: one of the highest certified Krav Maga Expert in the world (E4), 20 + years experience as physic & mental empowerment specialist and business coach. He has worked for Dutch TV programs, trained amongst others David Beckham’s bodyguards and taught more than ten thousands students.

Martijn’s passion, what makes his heart beat is helping people feel strong in their body and mind. His philosophy is based on the fact that we all have the resources to make ourselves strong, confident so we can feel safe and happy.

Trojan Power Academy 

Trojan Power Academy 

This is why he created the Trojan Power Method. A simple, easy method accessible for everyone. No preparation or pre level required. You start where you are. Thirty minutes of focused training each day is all you need to get results, much faster than you think.  

 Because one of his deepest wish is for everyone to feel strong, safe and confident, the Trojan Power Academy offers focused trainings and classes for children (Krav Maga starting from 5 years old), teenagers and women, and of course for adults man and women. The workshop “Fight like a girl” trains teenage girls how to get a feel on surroundings so they can avoid situations where they’d find themselves in danger, and how to react and defend in the event it happens.  

The Krav Maga classes for children teaches them how to read body language, recognize situations to avoid and what to do in conflict situations. The Fight like a Girl training teaches teenage girls how to recognize behaviors crossing healthy boundaries and how to react or defend themselves when needed.  

 Martijn, even with his impressive career and experience, loves to be simple and accessible, which makes him such a great trainer and impactful coach. The Trojan Power Academy feels exactly the same: open to everyone, from every level and background. The place is simple and welcoming, you’ll feel part of the team from the first workout.  

 Because they are short, focused, and available at practical times of the day, the Trojan Power Workouts are a perfect fit for our busy schedules. Their accessibility makes it easy and fun to create and stick to your new routine 

 Join the Trojan Power Academy and before you know you’ll feel great and stand strong! 


Trojan Power Academy
Gonnetstraat 7
2011 KA Haarlem
+31 (0)6 3485 9424

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