Holidays Under the Tuscan Sun (Photo: Lidia Bernabei)

Holiday Under the Tuscan Sun

‘La Dolce Vita’, the sweet way of life, we can’t get enough of it! La Dolce Vita at the Tuscan coast? Sun, sea, hills, culture, traditions, relax, good food & wines… ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!

But sometimes we can’t enjoy 100%: running from one site to another for instance.. and all these delights, from pasta to pecorino, vino, gelato and tiramisú are not always healthy. We see it back on our scale. Enjoying holidays, really relaxing and finding some balance, would be ideal.

Our member Lidia Bernabei compiled the perfect holiday. With a special deal for our readers and members: € 100 discount for expatsHaarlemmers and likers of her page.

The origin of the holiday idea

The Italian Lidia lives and works in the Netherlands, but her heart is still in her homeland. Lidia: “I always wanted to build bridges between languages, cultures and generations. When at an older age I became a nutritionist in the Netherlands, everything fell together. I discovered that I want to learn people that fun, vitality and health can go together. People that I met in the Netherlands have a very busy life and do not take the time to look for their health and pleasure. In Italy they do it differently. I decided to bring my knowledge and experience into practice. I organize trips to Tuscany where I welcome my guests in a wonderful Tuscan surrounding and let them experience a new way of relaxing and enjoying healthy food”. I also give tips that, once back, everyone can adapt in his daily life.”

Lidia’s invitation for you:

Recharge yourself? Join me and my Team in Tuscany at the Sea from 20 – 25 september, 2014

Rediscover your vitality at Tuscany at Sea.

Come and experience just how ‘la dolce vita’ and revitalising yourself go hand in hand! Recharge yourself in beautiful surroundings – only a 2 hour flight from Amsterdam – and return home full of positive energy. SoleLuna will organize an unforgettable holiday for those who wish to rejuvenate themselves.


Vitalitalia at Sea: your turning point for vitality


A 6-day thoughtfully arranged vitality-vacation in Tuscany at Sea. It includes health and life-style coaching, yoga, meditation and mindful interactions with horses. In addition, you will enjoy delicious and healthy food inspired by Italian traditions, orthomolecular food and slow and raw food. This is food that rejuvenates you and gives you extra energy. All the tips and advice you gain are ready to apply to your own life.


For everyone who wants to enjoy Tuscany and give their health and vitality an extra boost.


Tuscany, in an authentic Italian village located on the sea, in the neighborhood of Pisa, far away from the average tourist location and still undiscovered. You will stay in the Paolieri family’s newly renovated hotel or guesthouse with a view of the sea.

It is a five minute walk to the beach club I Paolieri and the station is located in the village. Within a twenty minute drive, you will find the spectacular Tuscan hills where our mindfulness horses wander free.

Click here for a photo gallery of Vitalitalia at Sea


From 20 – 25 september, 2014

Register here as an individual or for group bookings.

Price: € 750,- per person (based on a two-person room).

Price for this vacation

Shared accommodation (kingsize bed, dependent on two people booking) €850,00 per person. Shared accommodation (single bed) €925,00 per person. Single accommodation (one person room) is €975,00 per person.

Prices and arrangements for businesses upon request.


  • 6 days – 5 nights stay
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks, juices, herbal tea and red wine
  • SoleLuna handbook
  • healthy menus
  • healthy snacks
  • juices, herbal tea and a glass excellent red wine
  • stress-release and yoga coaching and advice from our nutritionist.


  • Flights and transfers
  • Extra activities that can be booked

Do you want to join us on this journey or do you want information? Click here!

  • 5 morning Tao Yoga sessions at the seaside
  • 1 workshop mindfullness with horses
  • 5 evening Yin Yoga and meditation or Tao Yoga sessions at the seaside
Extra activities on offer:
  • Massage and beauty salon
  • Sauna and spa
  • Lifecoach sessions
  • Cooking workshop
  • Walking and jogging routes
  • Cultural outings
  • Italian language workshop
  • Boat tour
  • Native American Horseback Riding

Bookings in advance and prices upon request.

expatsHaarlem/SoleLuna’s offer:

€ 100 discount for expatsHaarlemmers (readers, members and likers of the expatsHaarlem Facebook page) and the SoleLuna Facebook page. To get the discount; please mention explicitly that you’re (a) expatsHaarlemmer(s) or liker of the SoleLuna’s Facebook page, when booking.

The SoleLuna Team welcomes you!

  • Lidia Bernabei: nutritionist and your personal wellness travel assistant
  • Loes van Beest: stress-release and lifecoach, Tao yoga, Yin yoga and meditation trainer
  • David Bassi: Native American horseback riding trainer and horse whisperer
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