urban walk haarlem 2023

Urban Walk Haarlem on Sunday, 5th March: Enjoy all the beauty that our city has to offer

The Urban Walk Haarlem is a unique city walk along and through the highlights and undiscovered places of Haarlem. Participants can choose from a course of 12 or 18 km. In the Urban Walks concept, participants explore the most beautiful places in the Netherlands on foot. Thanks to the combination of sportsmanship, culture, architecture and landscape, walkers can enjoy all the beauty that the cities have to offer without any worries. At the end of the walking tour, all participants will receive a unique memento of the beautiful walking tour.

There are two routes you can choose from: 12 km and 18 km and they consist of a mix of culture, architecture and undiscovered gems of the city. The route will take you past beautiful historical places and other sights in Haarlem. Along the way you will encounter various music points, stamp posts and coffee points. You can pick up the stamp cards on Sunday 5 March from 8.30 am. Depending on the chosen walking distance, starting is possible between 09:00 and 10:30 in the chosen start wave. The finish will be at around 16:00.

The start and finish are located at the Frederikspark at Dreef 20, Haarlem. There you can pick up your start number and ordered shirt from 8.30 a.m. and leave your bag behind. You also finish here, after which you receive your well-deserved medal and a bag with drinks & bites. There will be a DJ and a speaker to provide a good atmosphere!

Course map & locations:

Urban Walk 2023 map

Some of the 32 stops you will make along the way:

Frans Hals Museum

urban walk 2023The Frans Hals Museum is the art museum of Haarlem. Here you will find the largest collection of paintings by Frans Hals in the world, alongside work by other famous Haarlem artists such as Judith Leyster, Cornelis van Haarlem and Jacob van Ruysdael. But you will also discover a rich collection of art from 1880 to the present, including work by Piet Mondrian, Charley Toorop, and Rineke Dijkstra.


The 17th-century old men’s house is located on the Groot Heiligland with atmospheric museum rooms, intimate regent’s rooms, an 18th-century doll’s house and a cozy museum café. In addition to the famous paintings by Frans Hals, you can also see other old, modern and contemporary art here. Imagine yourself back in time at the place where Frans Hals himself must have walked around.

De Koepel Haarlem (The Dome)

urban walk 2023The Koepel Haarlem is an impressive building that was transformed from a prison into a center where business, education and culture come together. It is possible to study, work, hold meetings and organize events. In the Koepel Haarlem you will find, among other things, the Haarlem Campus (Intenational Campus of Applied Sciences), the Filmkoepel (cinema) and two café – bars.

The Mill of Adriaan

urban walk 2023The Molen de Adriaan is an unmissable Haarlem icon on the banks of the Spaarne. It is a Museum, a windmill, wedding and meeting location. The Mill attracts many visitors and is run entirely by volunteers. It used to be a mill for mostly corn. And although a large part was lost during a fire in 1932, the mill is back in its full splendor on the water.

Barnaart Museum

urban walk 2023No less than three buildings had to make way to realize this house by Philip Barnaart on the Haarlem canal. The best craftsmen from Haarlem and Amsterdam were brought in to make the house into the spectacular city palace it was and still is today. The Gouden Salon, part of Huis Barnaart, is a real showpiece, intended to impress guests. No wonder that the salon became the most expensive room with a value of 19,000 guilders. The purple and gold are the eye-catchers of the House.

Stadhuis de Refter (City Hall the Refter)

urban walk 2023The oldest part of Haarlem’s Town Hall was built in 1250 as a residence for Count Willem II. It used to be a hunting lodge of the counts of Holland with a Dominican monastery behind it (1296). The hunting lodge was destroyed by fire in the 14th century. In 1370, the town hall was erected on the same place. Later (1578) the monastery buildings and the courtyard were integrated into the town hall complex.

The Cloisters

The Kloostergangen were part of the former Dominican monastery. Part of the Kloostergangen was used as a dining room for the monks (Refter).

Haarlemmer Kweektuin

urban walk 2023The Haarlemmer Kweektuin is the center for sustainability in Haarlem and the surrounding area. Nature, water, catering, businesses, education and recreation come together in this ecological city park to give shape to this ambition. It makes the Kweektuin a unique participation process, in which residents can direct the creation of a leading center for ecology, climate, energy, environment and social sustainability.

Leidsebuurt Badhuis (bath house)

urban walk 2023The Badhuis is a wonderful place for local residents to drink fresh coffee, hold meetings or organize fun activities. What makes the Badhuis special is the organization behind it; the Badhuis is a residents’ company and is run by residents of Leidsebuurt who all volunteer. The monumental 2nd Volksbadhuis in the Leidsebuurt – designed by S. Roog – has had a social function since 1903. In the absence of their own washing facilities in their small workers’ houses, the local residents met in the Badhuis. The bathhouse finally lost its function in 1979, but to this day it is a place where local residents meet.


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