Join us on the Vijfhoekkunstroute 2014

Join us on the Vijfhoekkunstroute 2014

This weekend the 9th edition of the Vijfhoekkunstroute (Vijfhoek Art Walk) will be held in Haarlem. EXPATSHAARLEM is going to be there too!!

On May 17th,Eduard, member of expatsHaarlem, real Haarlemmer and therefore Haarlem Expert (!), will guide you along artists’ and craftsmen’s studios in the nicest quarter of Haarlem, ‘De Vijfhoek’. In the tour even a few expat studios are included!! There are still some spots left. Book now

More information about this edition of the Vijfhoekkunstroute…

This year the ‘Vijfhoekkunstroute’ is emerging more as a cultural multimedia event. Nearly 120 artists present their work in many places in the district, including open studio’s, guest room windows etc.

Furthermore, there are central exhibition spaces, among others the Nieuwe Kerk, a tent in the Proveniershof (Houtstraat 140) and especially this year; a group exhibition at Schous, the hardware store which is located at Gedempte Oude Gracht 30. There will also be a sculpture garden in the Proveniershof and in the tent in the Proveniershof masks will be shown which are going to be presented on Friday evening.

Theme Vijfhoekkunstroute 2014: MASKS

This year’s theme is “masks”. Masks will direct you to the artists’ studio’s and exhibition locations in the neighborhood.

There will be lots of music and theater, both at central locations, as in individual exhibition spaces. There are dance-, poetry- and  storytelling performances in Proveniershof and studios.

On Friday evening a spectacular opening is prepared with a performance in which masks, made by the participating artists, ​​are exhibited accompanied by music from René de Graaff.

As theme for the opening night and the exhibition at the Proveniershof, masks will be an item of recognition for the ninth edition of the Vijfhoekkunstroute.

The Mask is:

In many ways strongly tied with history and traditions of humans and has numerous deep meanings. Our word ‘person’ is derived from the Latin word ‘persona’ which means ‘mask’ and relates to the essence of one’s personality or identity. If a human being wears a mask the identity remains hidden and the expression of the mask show a new identity. This transformation is often more imposing and dramatic.

An object, a layer of material that, for a while, covers the face entirely or partly. People put on a mask to disguise, festive and protect themselves. There are rites and customs with masks. In many occasions – positive and negative – masks have played and still play a major role.

For instance, did you know the use of masks serve(d) many purposes?

– They are also used for protection. The plague mask was worn to protect against the infectious disease plague. During war, for example, soldiers wear masks to protect themselves against deadly gases. In medical treatments, masks are used to protect the face during radiation treatments. And the fire-brigade enter burning buildings with masks which are designed to protect themselves against smoke formation, gases and dust. Divers also wear suits with masks to breathe underwater. In some professions masks are prescribed, think of spray painting and in construction. The beauty mask, a gel that is applied to the face brings nutrients in the face which combat the effects of drought, dirty air and aging. In our head are the main vital functions (brains, breathing, eating) that must be protected against influences.

Vijfhoek Kunstroute 2014: Masks

Vijfhoek Kunstroute 2014: Masks

– They play a role in certain holidays. Along with the festival Carnival, eat- and dress up parties belong. The festival starts on the 11th of November and is traditionally the number of fools and madmen. And November 11th is exactly 40 days before December 21st, the shortest day. Originally it is a religious (Catholic) festival. Carnival means uninhibited partying and eating, prior to Lent (before Easter). Carnival is celebrated in many parts of the world and in many different ways. The Dutch Carnival is very different from the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or the Carnival of Venice. What’s the same everywhere is that enduring carnival people break out of their strait jackets, ‘let their hair down’ and just don’t want to stick to the daily rules and regulations. With Carnival people withdraw from poverty and differences in high and low context cultures (meaning, the cultural differences in society). People behave differently: they dress up and wear crazy or just beautiful masks.

Vijfhoekkunstroute 2014: OUR EVENT

Use the following link if you: are likely to join this event and want more details about the exact meeting time and meeting point.

As mentioned in the introduction, I am going to be your guide. You will be given a handout with the pre-determined route we are going to follow in the Vijfhoek. Together we will visit artists’ and craftsmen’s studios who all have their own stories to tell. Although we’ll follow the pre-determined route, I’m open to what the majority wants to do. In addition, if you have some preferences regarding the type of art you’d like to see, please make it known on site so I’m able to make adjustments to the original tour route.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Eduard Regenboog
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