Volunteer Centre Haarlem

Bored and wondering what to do with your free time? Always wanted to make yourself useful but no idea how? Crazy busy but still wanting to contribute to the Haarlem area community, even when there is no payment for services rendered? Are you an organisation (desperately) in need of a helping hand – from time to time – that unfortunately has no money available to pay for extra manpower? If your answer is YES to one of these questions, then you should contact the “Volunteer Centre Haarlem” (Vrijwilligerscentrale Haarlem) to find out if their advisors can help you out!

Volunteer Centre Haarlem

Volunteer Centre Haarlem is a city-wide organisation and promotes every kind of volunteer work in the Haarlem area. Due to that fact, its advisors are more than able to act as mediator and therefore to assist, support and advise people and (volunteer) organisations in finding the right match. In other words, don’t hesitate in approaching the Volunteer Centre Haarlem if you are an individual looking for volunteer work and/or a(n) (volunteer) organisation looking for volunteers.

English-speaking volunteers

Though the majority of expats might think volunteer work in Haarlem is only possible to those who are fluent in Dutch, the opposite is true. There are actually some organisations in Haarlem and surroundings that welcome English speaking volunteers! So, don’t let yourself get discouraged if you think your Dutch isn’t fluent enough to offer your services. Opportunities are definitely there!

Vacancy database

Did you know that volunteers can search through more than 500 volunteering opportunities (!) with the help of the online vacancy database? No? Then hurry up.. and find out for yourself how the Volunteer Centre Haarlem brings people in contact with (volunteer) organisations – that need volunteers for all kinds of different purposes – and vice versa.

Suitable vacancy

Went through the listed vacancies in the Volunteer Centre Haarlem’s database and found something of your interest? Great! Challenge yourself then and call the Volunteer Centre Haarlem and simply ask for an English-speaking advisor for some assistance. In case you haven’t found a suitable vacancy; no worries! The advisors are more than likely to help you find possibilities. Just call 023-5314862 or send an e-mail to info@vwc-haarlem.nl to make an appointment!

Looking for more information about volunteer work in Haarlem? Check out this page of Volunteer Centre Haarlem’s website.

(Source: Vrijwilligerscentrale Haarlem)

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