contaminated cheese

Warning against contaminated cheese

The Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) warned yesterday of the dangers of consumption of French cheese of the type Roquefort, the famous French blue cheese. The cheese is sold in different supermarkets.

The cheese contains the pathogenic E. coli bacterium. What makes it difficult, is that not only the type of cheese is Roquefort but also the brand name. You can recognize the contaminated cheese in the barcode EE1632 FR and identification code EE1632 FR 120203 022CE.  The expiry date is May 8, 2015. The cheese is available in supermarkets in packs of hundred grams. The NVWA says that cheese should not be eaten and should be thrown away.

The bacterium, Escherichia coli 026, can cause serious food poisoning. The symptoms can occur in the first week after eating the cheese. According to the NVWA, symptoms are gastrointestinal infections associated with bloody diarrhea and sometimes fever. People who have these symptoms should go to the doctor.

In Belgium, two days ago the Roquefort has been removed from the shelves of supermarkets. Why this didn’t happen in the Netherlands, is unclear.

(Source: RTL Nieuws / ANP)



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