This weekend: today Vlaggetjesdag in Scheveningen; tomorrow: Fish market in Ijmuiden (Photo: Spits)

Vlaggetjesdag” (Flag Day) festival is celebrated today, June 14th, in Scheveningen. “Vlaggetjesdag” (Flag Day) was the celebration welcoming the arrival of the first young herring of the season to the port of Scheveningen, Vlaardingen and IJmuiden. Nowadays the annual event is only celebrated in Schevenigen where it still marks the start of the herring season.

Salted herring is a Dutch national dish. The Dutch consume tens of millions of the raw, salty delicacy each year. It is usually eaten raw with onion, on a sandwich or pickles. The seasonal arrival of the “maatjes” herring, derived from the Dutch word for virginal but also known as the “Hollandse Nieuwe”, is kicked off today. “Hollandse Nieuwe” (New Dutch one) is the name given by Dutch people to the herring fished with traditional techniques between May and July which has at least 16% fat, making it tastier.

Origin of the name Vlaggetjesdag

The name comes from the little flags decorating the fishing boats this day.

Vlaggetjesdag in ScheveningenVlaggetjesdag101[1]

During Vlaggetjesdag hundreds of thousands of people gather in Scheveningen for the festivities with the Royal Navy, modern and classic boats, spectacular demonstrations by rescue teams, music performances, fishermen showing their craft traditions, women wearing Dutch typical costumes and many other activities for all the family, such as old Dutch children’s games and tour boats. During Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen, visitors are invited to watch and participate in all the festivities and celebrations.

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Fish Market in Ijmuiden

Tomorrow there is Fish Market in IJmuiden: Fish market to buy the freshest fish for a great BBQ and a herring eating contest.

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Hollandse Nieuwe

Hollandse Nieuwe (Photo: Vis Magazine)



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