What’s that noise coming from the painting?

Imagine you are lying on the couch, thinking about the beauty of life and looking at the beautiful paintings you have in your home. While thinking you dream away in the art, in the colors and in the brushstrokes that are smoothly spread over the canvas. Peace, inner peace, wonderful. You dream away, close your eyes and slowly fall asleep. Until! There is a lot of noise coming from that painting, hard metal music with screaming guitars and voices in the background. You jump out of your couch, run to the painting and turn down the volume. You read that right, you turn down the volume of the painting…

In a Swedish village, a rather well-known Swedish brand had been thinking about this idea for some time. A painting with a volume knob, and that’s how it happened. Ikea announced a new speaker this week. The SYMFONISK, as the speaker will be called, is a painting and speaker in one. It is a square speaker that you can put a cover over. Several designs are made of the latter that you can place over the speaker, various panels with different prints. The prints range from black and white to abstract designs and colorful designs. A real work of art for your living room.

Just like previous speakers from the Swedish store chain, the speaker is made in collaboration with the American Sonos. The expectation is therefore that the speaker will sound good again.
The speaker will be about 40 centimeters wide and 57 centimeters high and will cost 179 euros. You can buy each individual panel from 15 euros.