When your family doesn’t support your dream

What do you do if you are lacking support from your loved ones? It is time to apply the crab theory!

Is your family not supporting your dream?
You are super excited and motivated but they say you’re crazy.

Knowing this crab theory will definitely help you understand why this is happening.
And it will help you achieving your dream!

The crab mentality

When I wanted to quit my corporate job, my family called me crazy.
‘What? Leave that financial security? Are you insane?’

But I had a dream, I wanted to be a freedom entrepreneur and travel the world.
And I succeeded – I did get out.

Gaining freedom

In this video, you will learn about the very important crab theory, which is so simple and so easy to understand.
Your family wants to keep you safe.

Do you want safety or do you want to escape and find your freedom and calling?
The choice is yours.
Watch this video and create your future.

Get out of the crab bucket and break free!

Watch this video and start taking steps today to create the future you want:

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Get out of the crab bucket and break free

Enjoy manifesting the life you desire!