When you think of the Netherlands, images of windmills surrounded by a flat colorful polder landscape in the water pop up in your mind. In fact it’s one of the oldest Dutch crafts: Miller.
But what is it like nowadays?

Watch the unique story about Joris en Jan and their love and passion for Molen De Zandhaas in Santpoort, very close to Haarlem. Let these 8 minutes surprise you! Don’t worry expats: there are subtitles in English.

On Saturday,  March 28, 2015 expatsHaarlem will visit this very windmill! Have you never visited Santpoort before? This is an extraordinary moment to do so! A little village surrounded by the beautiful nature of Nationaal Park De Kennemerduinen in the outskirts of the city Haarlem.

For more info and to sign up visit our Meetup event page.

(source filmmaker: http://sash-alexander.com)

Daniëlle Martens

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Daniëlle is a proud Dutch woman, always expressing her heritage wherever she goes. Originally from the South of the Netherlands, Limburg, she has been living in Haarlem for 2 years. Beforehand, she traveled to Bournemouth, UK to work and study NVQ Hospitality for one and a half years. Daniëlle enjoys swimming, gardening, spending time with family and making sure people are enjoying the best of life.
Daniëlle Martens

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