Windowless Planes

A UK developer is working on replacing airplane windows with windowless walls like in cargo planes. The only difference is that the inside of the newly designed planes would be totally covered in video screens. What’s more, this will bring down the cost of flying.

Taking out the windows of the plane means that it it will weigh less and in turn require less fuel to fly. Less fuel theoretically means lower ticket costs. What do we get in return? Inside walls that are totally covered in video screens. Cameras on the outside of the plane will send videos to the screens inside to let you see exactly what is going on outside. I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds really cool; instead of having tiny little windows to look out of, you get a panoramic view of everything. This can of course be changed to a calmer scene for example if it is storming outside. Since the wall is basically a giant video screen, those sitting next to it, could even use it to watch movies or go online if they wanted.

I don’t know about you, but I think this sounds great, especially for long flights. On long flights I always make sure to sit in an aisle seat and from there most of the time you cannot see anything out of the window anyway. A lot of times, even if you do have the window seat, you have to tilt your head at a weird angle to be able to see anything worth while. For me, even though you are not really seeing the outside, I think the overall visual experience will be much better.

When can we expect to see these plans? Well, the video screens will not be ready for about five years and the plane as a whole would take another five. Take a look at this demo movie to get a better idea of what this could look like:

What are your thoughts? Do you think flying in a windowless plane would be better or worse than how we currently fly today? Who knows in 2024 we all just might be flying around the world in these windowless tubes.


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