Est! Est!! Est!!!

Wine tip: Est! Est !! Est !!!

Est! Est !! Est !!! di Montefiascone is an unforgettable name for a wine named after a special story.

In the year 1111 the German bishop Johannes Fugger traveled to Rome. On his way to Lazio, he asked his servant Martin to find a good inn every night. The most important condition was that the herwer served good wine. Martin then had to write ‘Est!’ (Here it is!) on the door so that the bishop knew where to stop.

When he arrived in Montefiascone, ‘Est !, Est !!, Est !!’ stood on a door and indeed, the wine tasted so good that John never arrived in Rome and literally drunk himself dead.

Fugger was buried in Montefiascone. He left all his assets to the city of Montefiascone. His tombstone still reads: ‘Est Est Est Propter nimium est hic Io Defuk Dominus meus mortuus est’, which means: “Est Est Est, after an excess of Est my master Johannes Fugger died here”.

Est! Est!! Est!!!

Est! Est!! Est!!!

This blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia and Roscetto is fresh, floral and fruity.

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