Writing Christmas cards to elderly residents

It’s the festive season and a perfect time to do a good deed for fellow residents, right? How about penning a little message on a Christmas card as a surprise for someone who might not otherwise receive any Christmas mail? It could also be a good chance for you to practice your Dutch!

It might be a bit ‘old school’ to still write Christmas cards and send them in the mail. Yeah, sure, we could just send via social media or apps or whatever the latest new-fangled way of sending a digital message, which is all cheaper and potentially more environmentally-friendly – but isn’t it still just a great surprise when you get a card dropping onto your mat through the front door? The joy and wonder of opening the envelope to discover who has taken the time to pen you a note in a card – and is it just me who won’t open a card until I’ve guessed who it might be from by deciphering the writing on the outside? So yes, I am a fan of cards. Every year I say to myself I won’t send physical cards anymore – and every year I still do. How about doing that for someone in your city that you don’t even know?

Christmas card campaign

In this respect, we would like to spread the word about the Christmas card campaign for the elderly. For many elderly the festive period might not always. That is why the Elderly Fund is organizing The Great Christmas Card Campaign again for the ninth time, together with PostNL and Kidsweek. How nice would it be if the elderly receive beautiful Christmas cards for the holidays this year? Send a warm Christmas wish to as many elderly people as possible. Are you participating?

Sending cards

It doesn’t just have to be a card with a Christmas wish; you can also include a drawing or photo or craftwork with your card. You can send a personal note or a wider message.

How does it work?

Choose card
Choose a beautiful card (without logos) or make one yourself. Or two, or a lot.

Write a warm message for an elderly person. If you mention your name and address you may get a ticket back.

Glitter? Decoration? Please! But keep the card flat. If you send in a card, we will remove the envelope. We put it together and put big stacks of cards into packs.

Packing up
Would you like to send more cards in one package? Yes, you can, even if you would like. Place the cards (without envelope) in a box or large mailing envelope. Then frank only the envelope or box. We remove the packaging to bundle the cards.

Affix a postage stamp or December stamp and send the card(s) to the Elderly Fund no later than December 15, 2023:

The National Fund for the Elderly, PO Box 115, 3800 AC Amersfoort

Together with PostNL, we ensure that the cards sent in are delivered to the elderly throughout the Netherlands before Christmas.

Bring it yourself
Missed the deadline or would like to have a chat? Place your Christmas card(s) in the mailbox of an elderly person in your area. For example, think of a neighbor or a residential care center in your neighborhood. This is possible until Christmas.


More details here.