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Yes/no stickers to be replaced by online junk and advertising mail register

From 1 January 2023, the registration of every household whether or not to receive advertising brochures will take place digitally. Households can indicate and adjust their preferences via This will make the letterbox sticker disappear after 30 years from the streets. No personal details are required for registration via InMyBus. This makes the Netherlands the first country in the world to digitize this preference.

The ja/nee stickers on letter boxes, alerting delivery workers to whether or not the occupant is happy to get junk mail and advertising leaflets, will be a thing of the past. The branch association MailDB is working on an online alert system which households can use to say if they will accept advertising leaflets or not. ‘

At the moment, 35% of households close their letter boxes to leaflets but we expect this to rise to 50% with the new system,’ MailDB director Thomas Hopman told the Telegraaf. ‘And that means less unread paper will end up in the recycling bins.’

The new system, which will also cover local free newspapers, will come into effect nationwide in 2023 although the roll-out will from the first of July of this year.

Every household will receive a card with which the preference can be adjusted via a QR code or by telephone with a unique code. The preference register is connected to the address, not the person. These unique codes belong to the house and are transferred to the new residents when they move, who can adjust their preferences again. For example, it is not necessary to share data from or about people.

InMyBus also makes it possible to temporarily disable or enable delivery.

Hopman told the paper that the new initiative is not connected to Amsterdam and Rotterdam’s decision to introduce yes/yes stickers, so that only people who say they want the leaflets will get them. ‘Two in three people read them almost every week,’ he said. ‘People would appear to like browsing them over a cup of tea and thinking about what they are going to buy.’

On January 1, 2023, the whole of the Netherlands will have switched to InMyBus. MailDB will bring the arrival of InMyBus to the attention of Dutch consumers through an online public campaign from the second quarter of this year.

[Sources: de Telegraaf and Emerce]


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