Yes. Summer has finally arrived..!!

In case you haven’t noticed.. Today it’s June 21st. In other words; “The Longest Day Of The Year!” So, a good reason to celebrate the summer..

If you feel like embracing the summer

Then go for it! Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and don’t hold back!

No inspiration??!

Don’t get discouraged. Just pick one or more of the following tips.

13 ways to (help you) celebrate the summer

1. Wear your favourite summer outfit
Trust me, it helps! Check your wardrobe and put on your slippers, shorts.. you name it!

2. Buy your kids, or yourself if you don’t have them, an ice cream
It’ll put a smile on their angelic faces and/or on yours, if only for a few minutes.. 😉

3. Organise a barbecue, lunch or dinner outside
A perfect way to bond with your family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues or neighbours!

4. Rent a boat
Nothing more relaxing than cruising the canals with a bunch of people! Bring a radio or so and some food & cold beverages..

5. Plan a surprise picnic
Of course you can prepare it yourself. But if you don’t have time to fill a picnic basket or like being lazy; order one! Bring your blanket & companion(s) and look for a nice spot in the woods, a park, on the beach or even in your own garden..

6. Go skinny dipping in the sea or dive in an outdoor swimming pool
Yes, it might be cold. But the sun is here to warm you up! Don’t forget to use sun cream if you don’t wanna end up with a sexy lobster tan afterwards.. 😀

7. Have one or more cocktails on the beach or a terrace
Up to you if they’re alcoholic or non-alcoholic.. Both are OK to consume!

8. Listen to happy summer songs and sing & dance along
Yeah, you know;
– In your living room (if you’re shy and/or don’t want to embarrass yourself..)
– In the streets, on the beach or in a bar/club (if you happen to be a daredevil..)

No idea what to play? Try this one!

9. Go camping
Needless to say that this only works if you’re a fan and able to live without luxury for some time.. 😛

10. Sit on a bench – facing the water – to enjoy the scenery
.. and perhaps a peaceful/more quiet moment in the sun. Bring your sunglasses, your favourite book, some drinks + bites. You’ll have a lovely time, watching passing boats, ducks or whatsoever! Alone or together.

11. Visit an open air concert, festival or theatre
A perfect opportunity to find people who share the same passion, who are interested in enjoying different kinds of performances together and allow themselves to have lots of fun in the sun with acquaintances or in the company of total strangers!

12. Purchase a hammock
You can use it in your garden, on your balcony or even in your (spacious) living room.. Simply lie back & relax!

13. Buy yourself a ticket to the tropics
Especially, if you don’t fancy any of the aforementioned suggestions and/or aren’t convinced that the Dutch weather will help you get into the summer spirit..


Any activities to add to this list? Share it with us and write it in a comment.




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