“You are the hosts of death!”, said the leading Greek professor of international fame Theodosis Tassios to the unvaccinated.

Professor Theodosis Tassios described the vaccine deniers as an “organised group of enormous dimensions”, which threatens the rights of all of us.

Speaking on a radio interview, Dr. Tassios noted that the division is imposed by those who are not vaccinated.

Dr. Theodosis Tassios.

“They deny love, they refuse to care about their fellow man, even outside of Covid. I can not accept the view “The body is mine, I do what I want”. For example, someone who takes drugs, puts me at risk with his behavior and I will pay for his detoxification. Therefore, “you get high and I go low”, he underlined.

“Things are infinitely more serious with the coronavirus vaccine. “If the consequences of not being vaccinated concerned only you, then I would accept your personal right, but they mainly concern me”, he said characteristically. “You don’t have to love your neighbour. But to contribute to his death? “, he asked and cited two main reasons, on which he bases his position against the deniers.

“First with your certain illness I will pay for you (via my taxes) not to die and to get well. And second and foremost, you are completely wrong here: This is not your body. You offer a home to the virus: “come virus and let me host you, come in my body to make mutations, to become stronger, to be perpetuated, come to threaten all the others. You become “a host of death“. “I cannot accept that,” he said.

He stressed that deniers deny love for fellow human beings. “If they had love, they would not offer hospitality to the enemy, they do not love us. “They may consider us suckers,” he stressed. He pointed out that some of these people are “so crazy that they do not discuss it and therefore there is a psychological problem”, while there is a very significant percentage of those who deny science.

He predicted that the decision for compulsory vaccinations is not far away, saying that in a different case “we commit suicide”, as “large masses are in a bitter delusion”.

Answering a relevant question, Mr. Tassios said that if they are going to appear upset, “now WE will be upset”. “If the vast majority of the people are indignant at the continuing danger posed to them by the unvaccinated, it’s bad for all of us. Fortunately, I see that they have not been indignant yet. Very bad things will happen that I can’t ignore, especially when my children’s lives are in danger and I see you being completely irrational because your niece’s best friend’s father told you that someone had a bad reaction from the vaccine in Ireland, for example”.

The academic estimated that Love will eventually prevail, noting that “the largest percentage of the unvaccinated who are not “stupid”, are simply not well informed or have a special fear, that with good information and education or even therapy, they can hopefully overcome.

Source: ertnews.gr

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  1. magus perde
    magus perde says:

    Is there a particular reason that ‘Expats Haarlem’ are pushing this propaganda? Every rationalization this senile agent of this treachery is using to make his point is scientifically false. He’s got everything turned around and most people do not know enough about real science or medicine to know the difference. If the so-called ‘vaccinations’ worked, then the only people who would be at risk would be those who refuse it, but it doesn’t, and by now we know that. In Europe alone, over 18,000 have died from these toxic injections and 1.7 million have been injured, 50% of them seriously. All this for a virus with a 99.7% full recovery rate that can be easily treated with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine and zinc. The vaccines are bio-weapons and those who have been vaccinated are harming themselves and also those who aren’t. Do your own research and realize that there’s a real conspiracy going on here, not a theory, before it’s too late.

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