As a sole proprietor in the Netherlands you might be eligible for the Zelfstandig en Zwanger
benefit (sole proprietor and pregnant).

You can request the ZeZ benefit if you:

– are self-employed with or without employees;
– work for the company of your spouse or partner without pay;
– are professional, such as:
– director and major shareholder
– freelancer
– homeworker
– artist
– general practitioner
– home help
– private domestic help.

If you are pregnant, you are entitled to a minimum of 16 weeks maternity leave. The leave is
between 6 weeks and 4 weeks before your due date. After giving birth, you are entitled to a
minimum of 10 weeks maternity leave.

(Source: UWV)

You apply for the ZeZ benefit via the UWV. If you are interested in this application please contact expatsHaarlem Work Services so we can assist you with the application procedure.

Hanna Sohier

Hanna Sohier

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Hanna Sohier