Zen Through ‘Hands By Ellen’ Holistic Massage

Today I visited the Holistic massage practice of Ellen Goossens, Hands By Ellen. I had never heard of Holistic before and it was completely new to me. But Ellen introduced me to her way of massaging and the meaning of Holistic in a pleasant and understandable way.

Ellen’s practice is situated in lovely Bennebroek (10 km from Haarlem), a beautiful place I hadn’t visited before. The lovely mansions and their beautiful gardens were a pleasant surprise. For the mamas and papas, you’ll find the famous playground Linnaeushof in this beautiful town.

After serving a warm cup of herbal tea, Ellen starts her introduction. She explains that the purpose of a Holistic massage is to become aware of how you feel right now. We often have busy schedules and run from here to there, but are not always aware of the mental or physical problems we might have.

Through Ellen’s massage, she helps us experience our physique and mental state of being. By deepening our awareness of our bodies and minds, Holistic massage can help to ease problems we didn’t even know we had. Holistic massages are also a way to address problems like back pains, sleep problems or stress that couldn’t be solved by physiotherapists, psychologists or osteopaths.

After the introduction, Ellen asks her clients the question: How are you now? and What do you need right now? According to your answers, together you decide which part of your body needs the most attention during her massages.

After the introduction and personal conversation, Ellen invites you to take your place on the massage table and begins an hour-long massage. The massage is so relaxing ­­­­­­­­that you’ll completely forget the time. Shortly after the massage, Ellen offers a drink while you chat about the session.

The experience was so much more than ‘just a simple massage’. Tailored to my personal needs, Ellen’s massage was exactly what I needed. I now feel more energetic and relaxed at the same time, and confidently ready to face a busy period in my life.

In short, I can recommend a massage to anyone who needs a bit of peace and relaxation in this hectic time we all live in. With massages starting from € 30, Ellen may be able to bring some relief and zen into your life too.

For more information or personal advice from Ellen, please visit her website:

Hands By Ellen Holistic Massage

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