'Zwarte Piet will disappear from the NLs' (Photo: Geen Stijl)

“Zwarte Piet will disappear from the NLs”

July, full Summer period, temperatures higher than 20 degrees… not to mention wars, disasters, the economic crisis and the World Cup… Nevertheless the discussion around Zwarte (Black) Piet, the servant of Sinterklaas, is one of the topics of the day. 

Today, July the 4th the Amsterdam court has sentenced that Zwarte Piets is “a negative stereotype”. This means that Zwarte Piet should disappear in the Netherlands. This is what lawyer Frank King, who filed the lawsuit, said to Telegraaf TV. In his opinion, the new ideal Piet has blond hair with blue eyes. Read here the whole article in Dutch

This sentence is contradicting what the Dutch Premier said in october 2013: “Zwarte Piet is nou eenmaal zwart, daar kan ik niets aan veranderen.”, (“Zwarte Piet is black, I can’t change that”.) (Source: NOS)

Hopefully the debate will not radicalise that much to compromise this traditional and beloved children festivity.



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