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We are internationals (expats and international oriented Dutchies) ourselves, who landed in Haarlem for study/work/love. Willing to meet and let meet other internationals for 12 years we have been managing and organizing events for our expats group, myHaarlem.

With that group being centered around organizing and announcing events, we felt (and as we learned from our members, not just we) the need for a little extra. More and more we signaled the need of practical and local information, the pleasure of reading and sharing lifestyle articles and the wish to connect with other internationals also when not in the occasion of going to events.



Driven by our own and our members experiences and suggestions we ambitiously envisioned not a group website or a social media group with events but a community with more platforms that could cover the informational needs, engage conversations, facilitate interaction and organize events.

The only broader community in the Haarlem area.
A place where expats – and Dutchies – really connect.
To improve expat life and have fun together!

As it turned out, our enthusiasm was contagious: A lot of members joined our team
to write or organize events with us. More ideas, more information, more to work on.

So, here we are now. expatsHaarlem: from expats for expats. For and together with YOU!

Team expatsHaarlem

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