Expat Cinema

Every two weeks, the Schuur in colla­bo­ra­tion with expats­Haarlem, presents a special screening with English subtitles.

Next expats movies

Expat Cinema: El buen patrón
  • Country Spain
  • Year 2021
  • Length 120 min
  • Language  Spanish spoken, English subtitles
  • Direction Fernando León de Aranoa
  • Actors Javier Bardem, Manolo Solo, Almudena Amor, Óscar de la Fuente, Sonia Almarcha, Fernando Albizu
  • Min age: 12 years old.

El buen patrón


When:  Sunday 5 June, 19 hours

Justice is weighed with a Blanco scale, the good boss often tells his workers. His company produces industrial scales, but the one hanging over the front door of the factory, an old model with two plates, is crooked.

Blanco, the good boss, is happy. Business is going well. His company is about to receive an award for excellence from the local government: a committee will be visiting soon and everything has to be perfect when they get there. But things seem to be conspiring against him.

Bergman Island
  • Country France & Belgium
  • Year 2019
  • Length 100 min
  • Language English, France and Swedish, English subtitels
  • Direction Mia Hansen-Løve
  • Actors Mia Wasikowska, Tim Roth, Vicky Krieps, Anders Danielsen Lie
  • Min age: 12 years old.

Bergman Island


When:  Sunday 12 June, 19 hours

An American filmmaking couple retreat to the Swedish island of Fårö to work, where the legendary film director Ingmar Bergman lived and worked.

A couple of American filmmakers, Chris (P.T. Anderson’s Phantom Thread superstar Vicky Krieps) and Tony (Tim Roth) retreat to the mythical Fårö island for the Summer. In this wild, breathtaking landscape where Bergman lived and shot his most celebrated pieces, they hope to find inspiration for their upcoming films. As days spent separately pass by, the fascination for the island operates on Chris and souvenirs of her first love resurface. Lines between reality and fiction will then progressively blur and tear our couple even more apart.

Expat Cinema: Hit the Road
  • Country  Iran
  • Year 2021
  • Length 93 min
  • Language Farsi, English, English subtitles
  • Direction Panah Panahi
  • Actors Hassan Madjooni, Pantea Panahiha.

Hit the Road


When:  Sunday 19 June, 19 hours

A chaotic, tender family is on a road trip across a rugged landscape, but to where? In the back seat, Dad has a broken leg, but is it really broken?

Mom tries to laugh when she’s not holding back tears. The kid keeps exploding into choreographed car karaoke. All of them are fussing over the sick dog and getting on each others’ nerves. Only the mysterious older brother is quiet.

Il Buco
  • Country Italy
  • Year 2021
  • Length 93 min
  • Language Farsi, English, English subtitles
  • Direction Michelangelo Frammartino
  • Actors Paolo Cossi, Denise Trombin, Jacopo Elia, Nicola Lanza

Il Buco


When:  Sunday 26 June, 19 hours

At the other end of the country, young speleologists explore Europe’s deepest cave in the untouched Calabrian hinterland. The bottom of the Bifurto Abyss, 700 meters below Earth, is reached for the first time. The intruders’ venture goes unnoticed by the inhabitants of a small neighbouring village, but not by the old shepherd of the Pollino plateau whose solitary life begins to interweave with the group’s journey.