Top Comedy in the bustling and impressive Koepel Dome with top comedian Greg Shapiroexpatshaarlem

Koepel Comedy

GREG SHAPIRO, one of the best comedians in the Netherlands,…
Liberation Day (Photo: Melanie Caitlin)

4th & 5th May: Remembrance Day and Liberation Day

The Netherlands is unique among the other European countries…
Haarlem Comedy Factory - Mama ComedyexpatsHaarlem

Haarlem Comedy Factory - Mama Comedy

Join us on Saturday 23 April at Mama Gaia for the very first…
Easter in the NetherlandsEastergabe-pierce-Unsplash

Easter weekend in the Netherlands

This year the Easter weekend will be from 16 till 18…
April Events Haarlem 2022
Comedy on Top of Haarlem - Back!

Comedy on Top of Haarlem - Back!

Our popular standup Comedy on Top of Haarlem is back! The Haarlem…
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Join Little Italy Event

Taste, discover and experience la Bella Italia in Haarlem on…
Little Italy in Concert

Little Italy in Concert

Roberto Galanto and Dario di Mango will give you a lovely evening…
King's Day

King's Day

King's day is just round the corner, this is when the whole country…

Can you be a freegan in Haarlem?

The world has a huge problem with food waste, and the Netherlands…

Expat Cinema: Memoria

The Schuur presents on March 6h  in collaboration with expatsHaarlem…
Haarlem Comedy Factory Comeback

Haarlem Comedy Factory Comeback Edition

The Haarlem Comedy Factory is back! We are so happy to invite…
Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in the Netherlands

Amidst the grey and rainy Dutch winter comes Valentine’s Day,…
Kathedrale Basiliek Sint BavoClaudio MAnzone

Climb the tower of the cathedral

Making your way through spiral staircases, vaults, church bells,…
Goede voornemens New Year's Resolutions DutchexpatsHaarlem

Goede voornemens: New Year's Resolutions for the Dutch

New year, new me. Or as they would say in the Netherlands: ‘Nieuwe…
Shops, gyms and hairdressers reopen on Saturday 15 JanuaryEwien van Bergeijk

Shops, gyms and hairdressers reopen on Saturday 15 January

Although more than 200,000 people are now testing positive…
Epiphany celebrationsPixabay

Epiphany celebrations

Many Christians around the world annually celebrate Epiphany…
my books 2021

The 8 books I loved in 2021

Old and new, fiction and real, funny and sad, these are my favourite…
Oliebollen, a Dutch New Year's tradition

Oliebollen, a Dutch New Year's tradition

It is a Dutch tradition to eat 'oliebollen' on New Year's Day.…
candles in the windowroyalty free (reuse possible without attribution)

Christmas from home in Haarlem: shining light on an Irish tradition

Making sure there is a candle flickering in the window is one…
COVID-19: The Unwanted Christmas GuestJonathan Borba

COVID-19: The Unwanted Christmas Guest

I have such fond memories of Christmas time. Growing up, I would…
festive hot cocoa and whipped creamroyalty free (reuse possible without attribution)

A festive Dutch lesson for Christmas lovers

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is here! The – normally – most wonderful…
INTERVIEW: Xavier is learning Dutch with Taalthuis

INTERVIEW: Xavier is learning Dutch with Taalthuis

There was once a Frenchman, who was learning Dutch. He didn’t…
Free Online Course: Introduction to Aromatherapy

Free Online Course: Introduction to Aromatherapy

In this Aromatherapy Class for Beginners you will discover Aromatherapy. This course initiates you into the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, and the strength and well-being they can create.
December Events in Haarlem
Sinterklaas versus Santa Claus

Sinterklaas versus Santa Claus

They both work in the same sector, wear red, and have a big white…
EXPAT CINEMA: The Hand of God