Freaky Friday Comedy

It’s arriving… Freaky Friday, on Friday 13th of course ;-). We are ready for it and for our Freaky Friday Comedy Show!

It’s our newest comedy show, in our newest venue, and, what’s more, the doors are opening to you for another whacky dynamic mixed stand-up show.

Tickets are just 12.50 for a smashing lineup of international comics!

The bar is open during the whole show with drinks to enjoy while you sit back, relax and watch a diverse range of stand-ups.


  • 7:00- 7:30 PM: Doors open.
  • 7:30- 8:45: Comedy Show.
  • 8:45-9:15 PM: Drinks for those who want to discuss the comedy or just have a chat and a drink.


Alina Sharipova

Alina Sharipova is a Russian- Belgian comedian. Her friends often compare her to herpes, be-cause she never really goes away. She says her dream job would be designing fortune cookies, but in the meantime stand-up comedy will just have to do!

Edith Veerhoek

Mexican bite in comedy, also known as “NotYourOrdinaryLatina”. Dark, sinister and flat-out weird imagination.

Vasu Arora

Vasu is relatively new to comedy, but he has had prior experience with seeking attention.

He used to think he had a radiating personality. Because people often told him that he reminds them of the Northern Lights.

It took a couple of clarifications for him to realize that it’s just because his last name is Arora.

Other than comedy, he also writes code, which generates more laughs per minute from his colleagues at work than his jokes ever have.

Come to see the juxtaposition of an innocent face with a not so innocent mind.

Georges Degoumois

George Degoumois is a young man from Switzerland. In his stand-up, he talks about what it’s like to be a young man from Switzerland. After his shows, many people have com-mented that George is undoubtedly a young man from Switzerland.

Candace Gawler

Part-time witch, full time finance job. Aspiring housewife. Amsterdam-based comic. Not from here.

El Piedrita / Juan Piedra Espinosa

Hailing all the way from the vibrant and beauti-ful country of Ecuador. Now, Juan might tell you that he’s a rising star in the world of stand-up comedy, but don’t be fooled. He’s the kind of guy who sometimes wonders if he’s genuinely got a talent for making people laugh, or if he’s just a certified… well, let’s say “jerk.” For Juan, stand-up comedy isn’t just about getting laughs; it’s his therapy. When life gets a little too serious or you start questioning your own sanity, there’s nothing like hitting the stage, spilling your guts, and making a room full of strangers burst into laughter to remind you that everything’s going to be okay. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride of humor, self-deprecation, and a dash of Ecuadorian flair as Juan Pie-dra takes you on a journey through the twisted and comical corners of his mind. Sit back, relax, and let the therapy session begin!”.


Social Hub ‘T Kleverhuis, in the heart of Kleverparkbuurt.



Online ticket price: €12,50 (€ 13,99 including Eventbrite transaction costs); €15,50 at the door.