Israeli flag at half-mast at city hall in Haarlem

Since Monday, the Israeli flag has been respectfully flown at half-mast outside the Haarlem City Hall. The city council decided to display the blue and white flag in response to the recent tragic events – including rocket attacks, mass casualties, and kidnappings perpetrated by Hamas over the weekend. Mayor Jos Wienen emphasized that the gesture extends to express sympathy for Palestinian victims as well.


As for neighboring Zandvoort, the decision regarding the display of the Israeli flag remains pending. The village council is scheduled to reconvene on Tuesday, at which point a determination will be made regarding the coastal village’s participation in the campaign.


The council in Velsen also wants to meet on Tuesday first and then provide a response.


Haarlemmermeer does not raise an Israeli flag to express support for the attack on that country by the Palestinian organization Hamas. “We condemn these terrible terrorist attacks and our thoughts are with the victims and residents of Haarlemmermeer who have family or friends in Israel,” the municipality wrote in a statement on social media. “We support the government’s decision to raise the Israeli flag. In principle, the municipality does not raise a flag in international conflicts.”


[Source: Haarlems Dagblad and Linkedin]