SportSupport Halve of Haarlem.

On Sunday, 24 September 2023, the Grote Markt is the center of the SportSupport Halve of Haarlem.

The Sportsupport Halve van Haarlem is an annual running event that attracts enthusiastic runners of all levels.

The half marathon course takes participants through the beautiful streets of Haarlem, past historic buildings and attractive neighborhoods.

In addition to the half marathon, other distances are also available, such as the 10 kilometers and the 5 kilometers, making the event accessible to both experienced runners and beginners.

The Sportsupport Halve of Haarlem not only offers a sporting challenge, but also a great atmosphere with encouragement from spectators along the route and a finish area full of festivities.

Whether you want to improve your personal best, simply enjoy an active day in a beautiful city, Haarlem’s Sportsupport Halve is the perfect opportunity to achieve your running goals and enjoy a great running experience.

Grote Markt Haarlem
2011 Haarlem

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