The Brewery Comedy Club September

Good beer, good laughs, great times: come experience a night of beer and laughter at Amsterdam’s best Brewery Comedy! Featuring BYRON BERTRAM, an absolute masterclass in comedy perfomance!

Looking for a unique and hilarious night out in amsterdam? Look no further than our Brewery Comedy Club! This edition featuring Trevor Lock, an absolute masterclass in comedy perfomance!

“Great stuff” – Eddie Izzard.

“Amazing Presence” – Eddie Brill (David Lettman Booker).

“Fantastic” – Entertainment Tonight.

“Had the crowd cheering and this reviewer wanting more 4 STARS” – Melbourne Herald Sun.

“Really gets the crowd going” – Vancouver Sun.“Impressive, slightly manic, but impressive” – Impress Magazine.

🎙️ Line up with 5 different comedians 🎙

🎤 Experienced 🎤 New 🎤 Local 🎤 International 🎤 Travelling 🎤

🤩Amazing venue🤩

😎 Big terrace outside 😎

😍 Cozy atmosphere🥰

🍻Award winning craft beers🍻

🤣 laughs, laughs and more laughs 😂🤣

Doors open at 7:00 PM. Show starts at 7:30 PM

Show is 100 % in English.

You’ll have the chance to sample some of the best beers in Amsterdam, meet old and new people, and laugh, laugh, laugh! Join us!

Online price € 12,50 €15 at the door. Student ticket €7.


Byron Bertram

His high energy, truthful and observational style mixed with natural talent for voices, accents, and impressions make him a favorite headliner in his home country of Canada, as well as in The US, UK, and Australia. He has worked with the likes of Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Kennedy, Colin Mochrie, Flight of the Conchords been featured on XM Radio and received rave reviews from press, peers and punters alike.

Most recently Byron has worked with the likes of Zack Galifinakis, Colin Mochare, and Flight of the Concords, received rave reviews for his own man show “Guilt Ridden Sociopath” as well as stared in Fox television’s Alcatraz and Once Upon a time along side Robert Carlyle.

Also featuring on Netflix, Britain’s got Talent and ABC.


“Great stuff” – Eddie Izzard.

“Amazing Presence” – Eddie Brill (David Lettman Booker).

“A Very Very Funny Man” – Colin Mochrie (Who’s Line is it Anyway?).

“Fantastic” – Entertainment Tonight.

“Had the crowd cheering and this reviewer wanting more 4 STARS” – Melbourne Herald Sun.

“He has the emphasis, rhythms and punchiness to penetrate the most indifferent club night” – Chortle.

“Bertram is a polished professional. Smooth of Delivery and sharp of wit” – The Pun Australia.

“Really gets the crowd going” – Vancouver Sun.

“Very fun to watch, just don’t try to sneak away” – Ottawa Sun.

“Impressive, slightly manic, but impressive” – Impress Magazine.

Cidny Clementine

Cid is an American comedian with an ethnic background. She has been referred to as “your family friendly neighborhood MILF” and has a unique take on being an awkward woman with an underlying college repetoire. Cid has been formally featured in shows in LA and Las Vegas. This past year you may have caught her perform in shows in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrect, and Den Haag.

Maeva Dolle

Meet Maeva. A French & Dutch yet English-speaking comedian. Her comedy has been de-scribed as “foul mouthed” to “really nice”. Now that’s range. When not on stage, you can find her consuming copious amounts of cheese and engaging in self-debate on which cheese is the snobbiest. Maeva has been performing comedy throughout the Netherlands as well as in London and Paris.

Enikő Varga

Eniko is an Amsterdam based comedian, originally coming from the world of improvi-sation. In her standup she is trying to understand the world, asking questions which are not being asked often enough in her view.

Diego Loiacono

A newcomer from de “Bella Italia”, here to wish you the best Bella serata. Buon divertimento!


Doors open at 7: 30 PM, to gather and grab a drink Show at 8:00 PM. The bar is open during the whole event. Coming alone? Meeting up for the comedy before the show and discussing the comedy in the break and after the show is a good way to socialize. Why don’t you come some earlier to taste the mytical award winner Breugem Beer or our delicious BEET DOGS.

The Brewery Comedy Club

The Brewery Comedy Club


Tickets: €12.50 online | €15.00 at the door. Student tickets: € 7.00 (show your student card at the door).

Pre-comedy snack

BEET DOG with a glass of specialty beer of your choice for 11,95

* A Hot Dog from sausage maker Brand & Levie with beet and 30% organic meat. It is served with smoked ketchup, Zaanse mustard, salad and crispy onions.





The Breugem story started in 2009 by master brewer Patrick Breugem. Brewer from the very beginning. Brewing since 2004. (De Prael / De Molen / Het Veulen / De Zeven Deugden) As a born Rotterdammer, ‘no-nonsense’ is perfect for him. Patrick is everyone’s friend. A born connector. His attitude to life form the pillars of the company. He is therefore literally the face of Breugem Bier.

Breugem brewery’ s goal is to brew beer and thereby give people distanced from the labour market the opportunity to work. Breugem brewery is the meeting point combining people and beer, and people with each other.

At Breugem brewing craft beer is taken very seriously, which has resulted in a list of international craft beer prizes and awards. Maybe it is unnecessary to mention, but we are very proud of this list 🙂 . Find here all the awards Breugem Beer won.

Breugem Meeting Point

Breugem Meeting Point

Breugem Brewery Beers

Breugem Brewery Beers

Breugem Brewery Beers

Breugem Brewery Beers